The summary of the allegory of the cave Assignment

The summary of the allegory of the cave Assignment Words: 464

To begin I can say that Plato through his allegory illustrates how we are all prisoners in this world. He does that by comparing our lack of knowledge of what is real and what is not to his prisoners who knew nothing except the shadows of reality, and who believed what they Saw as real.

Poor example, at the beginning when Plato depicts the kind of prisoners he is talking about, Glaucoma responds by saying that it is a strange image, and then Plato replied by asking: “like ourselves; and hey see only their own shadows, or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall Of the cave? ” My answer to this question would be yes, because even in our modern lives, there are people who are never exposed to the truth and they take what they have heard as the real truths which are those shadows that Plato was talking about.

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At a certain point Plato talks a little bit about the release of prisoners and the challenges they would face in front of the reality, so this fortifies my opinion as a prisoner. In fact he says that when out; a prisoner would have trouble agreeing that what he saw before was nothing hut an illusion. His idea that we are uncertain of what is true or what is not, again show us that we are prisoners of our uncertainties.

As an example take someone who grew up in an irreligious family. That person will have troubles accepting that God exists and may be ignorant for ever about the subject: which means that he can be a prisoner forever according to the allegory. ‘Better to be he poor servant of a poor master, and to endure anything, rather think as they do and live after their manner? ‘ Plato quote this in order emphasize how the lack of knowledge is verse than being a prisoner or a slave.

We also entertain false notion in this word, and live in a miserable manner with ignorance We even hue difficulties accepting the truth when it comes, so this highly reduces our freedom which leads me to considering myself as a prisoner _ To conclude can say that the more narrow our knowledge is the more chained we are as prisoners. For example take someone Who doesn’t know that the airplane exists can that particular person wish to travel in the airplane.

Of course not, simply because we only desire What we know, If you doesn’t know something you cannot Wish to get that particular thing, which demonstrate that to be a prisoner does not necessary means to have chains on your arms.

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