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Self-emancipation allows students to explore the reason behind why our culture works the way It does, while also giving the opportunity to explore alternative cultures and why they thrive the way that they do. In order for critical pedagogy to provide students with democratic empowerment, this tradition calls for the thorough investigation of all topics regardless of sensitivity, including issues related to race, class, gender, religion, and physical ability.

Critical pedagogy also calls for all things to be problematical and questioned, including the critical hero Itself. This skill is referred to as critical literacy, where children raise questions about the nature of knowledge and its Justifications, modes of discourse, and school organization. One supporter of critical pedagogy Is Group, who Insists the emphasis of critical literacy is absolutely necessary to survive. And encourages educational systems to challenge established practices in order to continue to produce newer possibilities to the way we think.

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Although Group is a supporter of critical pedagogy, he also believes that the development of critical literacy is linked to the values and arms of the dominant social class taught In schools, which is part of the fundamental theory of the social efficiency tradition. Although Group does show favorably towards parts of the social efficiency tradition, Group and Abrogation are primarily supporters of critical pedagogy as they go on to state that there is a crisis in not only creativity, but also critical learning.

They believe that the power should lay with the teachers, and that as the power of the teacher decreases due to curriculum regulations, the creativity and critical learning decreases as well. They suggest that teacher take an active responsibility to raise critical questions in order to teach children how or why versus memorizing facts and not actually learning materials. The critical theory/Critical Pedagogy tradition is the most educationally oriented reform that is suggested in my opinion.

I believe that it is important for children to understand what a question is asking or the actual context of a subject instead of simply memorizing facts the be spit out on a standardized test without knowing why the answer Is true. The best way to achieve this Is to teach the children to question to only test questions, but also subject matters as a whole, and above that, even systems as a whole. It is healthy for a young person to question everything about a life style.

By asking these critical questions, and arriving at an answer, It is logical to me that the end product to a critical question will be more solidified within a child’s mind and lifestyle. In my opinion the critical theory/ critical pedagogy tradition produces ten strongest Ana most Uninominal population AT young adults, Dye allowing them to naturally question authority and arrive on their own opinions.

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