Team Leadership/Diversity with Managing Conflict Resolution Assignment

Team Leadership/Diversity with Managing Conflict Resolution Assignment Words: 697

It will also touch base on setting higher expectations, creating a vision for the group, as well as stimulating the group to come up with challenging ways of doing things to help avoid burnout. The second part will explain the importance of team diversity and how diversity can bring good conflict into a team’s objection. It will break down the five steps in becoming a high performance team, and explain why building team unity is important. Finally we will deal with conflict management and how conflict can be both good and bad.

We will point out the ways to deal with conflict and explain how the good can benefit a team, whereas the bad conflict can break a team down. Finally when dealing with conflict a standard and effective way is to use negotiation skills such as presented in the Management text in chapter 9. Body Leadership Locke (1991) pointed out that, “Leadership is the organization of a group to achieve a common goal”. Without leadership, most goals cannot be achieved. There have been over 1 6,000 plus books written on leadership and you will see in the Management Live text p. 8, they have even broken them up into different categories. You can break leadership down into four behavioral styles. Directing is the first style and it is composed of the leader defining the roles to the followers. Decisions are one way and engaged by the manager. The second style is coaching. Coaching is in my opinion the most effective Tyler for leadership. It is composed of made up of listening and directing in equal amounts. In the Leadership text p. 1 1 9, it is said that God gave us two ears and one mouth. And that we should use them in that proportion.

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To me this is what coaching is all about. Though you give a great deal of direction, you also listen to your followers to suggestions to help agree upon a better solution. This topic of coaching will be touched more on later in the paper with conflict management. The third style is supporting. This style is based solely on praise. The leader supports all ideas of the followers and supports heir decision. The final style that is defined is delegating. In this style, the leader presents the problem to the followers and then comes to an arrangement and is delegated totally to the followers.

Supporting an individual or group is a key factor in becoming a great leader. Showing you care and that you can possibly relate to different problems that arise will give that level of comfort to the group. This will help in moral and end in better productivity. Leadership is also achieved by asking the group or followers to go beyond their interest for the sake of the group. One way by doing this is by articulating a vision. Research has shown that a vision can even draw more commitment from people than what charisma alone can do (Leadership with You).

When you are presenting a vision to the group you should always avoid negative expressions and use ‘ 6,eve” never “l”. This will help appeal to your group’s principles. Keep the vision short So that the group can possibly relate and it will help keep the vision recognizable and easy to remember. One may also want to intellectually stimulate a group by challenging them. Find better ways to improve ways of doing things. By setting high expectations, make rue you show the confidence in the group’s abilities to achieve the goals set forth.

It is important not to have group thinkers and to encourage individuals to not think like you do. Challenge them to come up with different and possible better ways of doing projects then what has already been done in the past. It is important to not let groups become another victim of burnout. There are different types of exhaustion such as emotional, mental, and physical. Break up the monotony and present them with different ways of doing the projects. Consistent processes of encouraging alterations into your routine are the best way to see improvement.

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