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Chair Maddox Ms. Cooker PDP 7 9/19/13 Pursuit Of Happiness(Movie) This movie has a lot to do with social conflict. Let tells the struggle of a suddenly single salesman who has custody of his son. But finds that providing for both of them is challenging. In the increasingly unstable economic climate. He struggle to work his way from unpaid intern at Dean Witter. To being one of the most wealthiest stockbrokers at his Job. Background information: In reality Chris Gardner was okay with the dramatic liberty taken by the filmmakers. Chris Gardener had a difficult holding.

He was born in Louisiana. The late asses and early asses was a time of political and musical awakening for Gardner. He developed a deep sense of black pride. As he became familiar with the works of Martin Luther King, Jar. , Malcolm X and Eliding Cleaver. His world view expanded beyond the African American experience. Background Information on Movie: The movie was based off the is based on the best- selling memoir written by Gardner with Quince Troupe. This film was directed by Gabriele Nuncio. The cast was played by Will Smith and his son Jaded Smith.

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It also as some other stars in it like Thanked Newton. And Brian Howe. Chris Gardner realized his story had Hollywood potential after an overwhelming national response to an interview he did with 20/20 in January 2002. The theme of the movie would definitely be that you can achieve anything you wont if you try hard enough and don’t let your self down even when times get bad. There were a lot of examples that supported this this theme. One example would be when he still would make on time to his unpaid intern Job. Even though him and his son were living in shelters and in the subway bathroom.

Another example would be when his wife walked out of him and son life. He still took care of his child. Even though there was struggle. He never let anything hold him back. He is a very strong willed person and he did what he had to do to make it. Now Chris Gardner is the Ceo of his own stockbroker now. He now lives in Toronto Canada. When he is not in Chicago IL. Citations Hastings, Michael. “Pursuit of Happiness. ” Pursuit Of Happiness. Fixates Inc, n. D. Web Gardner, Chris. “Chris Gardner Stock Broker – Pursuit of Happiness True Story. ” Changeover’s. Com. Act Media, Par. -May 2006. Web. 18 Seep. 2013.

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