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Shakespearean Ulysses Turmoil and Caressed is a tragicomedy that takes place in the 7th year of the Trojan War, written by William Shakespeare in 1603. This cannot however be called an original idea, as the groundwork was already laid by the likes of Tennyson, Homer and Dante in various forms. One character that appears in each Trojan War story is Ulysses the Greek Commander. Homer introduced the world to Ulysses in the epic poems Iliad and Odyssey in 800-700 B. C. Iliad the tale of Trojan War set in the last few weeks of battle. (Wisped, 2013) Ulysses was a respected champion and advisor.

He was loyal to the kings cause when others were not. Ulysses was most well-known for his cunning. In the sequel Odyssey, the Trojan War has ended and he makes a treacherous 10 year journey to get home. Ulysses has to do battle both body and wit in order to get home. Along the way he loses all of his men and his ship. When he finally makes it to Ithaca, he still has to prove his identity to his wife. He solves the riddle of the bed and she knows that it is her Ulysses (Odysseus). Dante also made Ulysses a member of the “8th Circle Hell” in Inferno.

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This circle was reserved for people engaged in deliberate fraud and for those who would influence others to do the same. Ulysses’ damnation was for the deception involving the Trojan Horse. Tennyson wrote a poem of a restless old man Ulysses in 1833. He wants to go back after all he has seen and done to do more. He is not satisfied for he is a hero. “For always roaming with a hungry heart/Much have I seen and known; cities of men/And manners, climates, councils, governments” (RPR,n. D. ). Ulysses reputation has been that of a wise counsel, advisor ND hero through the ages.

Shakespearean Ulysses in the tragicomedy Turmoil and Caressed is even more beguiling and cunning. The hero first shows his admirable qualities in Act I Scene 3 when Agamemnon is attempting to provide his camp with words meant to encourage and keep them in the fight. “But the proactive trials of great Jove/to find perspectives constancy in men” He’s telling them that basically it is a test to make them better and stronger. Ulysses respectfully disagrees with Agamemnon and gives him his belief as to the true nature of the problem within he Greek camp. He does this by delivering his speech “Degrees”.

The words that he says provide wise counsel to the men and to Agamemnon the Greek Supreme Commander. First he identifies that the problem is that the men do not respect the authority of the leadership therefore their faithful service cannot be expected. “And, look, how many Grecian tents do stand/ Hollow upon this plain, so many hollow factions. When that the general is not like the hive/ To whom the foragers shall all repair, What honey is expected? ” (1. 3. 79-83) Ulysses goes on to say that even the evens have an order and a place placing Earth as the center of importance.

The Sol commands and influences and keeps them all in check. In essence he is saying that the problem is in all parts of the ranks from the upper echelons to the foot soldiers. Ulysses believes that because of the breakdown of their military authority Troy continues to stand. “Troy in our weakness stands, not in her strength” (1. 3. 137). He notes how the great Achilles sits in his tent with his lover Patrols refusing to do Tattle. Ulysses attempts to craw Canceled Deck Into Tattle Day suggesting Ajax snouts e the one to fight Hector for the virtue of their women.

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