Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” Assignment

Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” Assignment Words: 447

In Shakespearean Hamlet, the mall character In the play Is brought Into a state of melancholy and depression over his father’s death and his mother’s incestuous marriage with his father’s brother. This causes Hamlet to seek counsel in his friendship with Horopito because of his loyalty and good qualities. Other characters in the play are willing to sacrifice their friendship with Hamlet to gain the favor of the new king, Claudia. When Hamlet chases after the ghost of his father, Horopito Illustrates the strength of his friendship with Hamlet when he is concerned about his wellbeing.

Horopito does not wish that Hamlet’s interest in the ghost will cause him any harm by the supernatural. It is evident that the friendship between the two characters is well established. In addition, Harlot’s resolute swearing of silence about the matter of King Hamlet’s ghost is an Indication that he has a close friendship with Hamlet. This Is because Horopito desires what Is best for Hamlet and does not wish to Intervene In whatever actions will follow. It is evident that Hamlet can trust no one in the play with the exception of Horopito.

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All f the other characters have a stronger allegiance with Claudia, the king, who wishes to exploit any opportunity to get rid of Hamlet. Unlike these other characters, Horopito Is extremely loyal to Hamlet and even helps him in Identifying Claudia as the murder of his father. Horopito also does not reveal to the Claudia that Hamlet Is only feigning madness, which shows his loyalty and Hamlet’s trust in telling him this information. This also demonstrates how highly Horopito values his friendship with Hamlet over his relationship with Claudia.

In contrast, Reassurance and Guilelessness change their loyal to Claudia to seek prestige, demonstrating that they are not true friends to Hamlet. As a result, Hamlet shows his respect for loyalty when he changes the letter they carry ordering his death to order the deaths of Reassurance and Guilelessness. Hamlet values Harlot’s qualities and respects him for his attributes. According to Hamlet, it is because of Harlot’s qualities that Hamlet chooses him as his friend, stating that “Give me that man / That is not passion’s slave, and I will wear him / In y heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart, / As I do thee”.

Hamlet respects this because Horal possesses the qualities, such as the balance between reason and action, which Hamlet does not have. If Hamlet had possessed such qualities, he would have been able to revenge his father and kill Claudia, which is the reason for his admiration of Horopito.

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