Shakespeare present ideas of good and bad Assignment

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This personification implies evil; there are numerous reasons behind this, the prime being hat there is an evident contradiction between Macbeth and another key character who simultaneously presents good in the play. When King Duncan rejoices Malcolm becoming king, he hails ‘signs of nobleness like stars shall shine’. The opposing ideas of stars between the two display the differing characteristics. On one hand, Duncan wants the stars to shine brightly, much like the ‘nobleness’ of his subjects. Furthermore, this also implies a religious significance as light is associated with God and all things holy.

Duncan is described to be chosen by God this is because it was a popular belief in the Elizabethan era that Kings were given the divine right. Duncan represents good in the play, to support this further, when King Duncan suddenly dies, it is said that ‘angels are bright still though the brightest one fell’. This is significant as it not only implies that Duncan is as pure and virtuous as an angel, it also foreshadows that the good is slowly diminishing and that evil spirits are beginning to dominate.

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In opposition to Duncan, Macbeth desires for the stars to ‘hide’ their fires’. This insinuates that Macbeth is afraid of God and he does not want his dark side to be exposed to God because he is afraid of the consequences. This also reveals to us that Macbeth is wary of Duncan for the attribute he possesses which makes him superior to Macbeth. Resultantly, Macbeth claims that he is a man that dare look on that which might papal the Devil, perhaps this is why he is unable to say ‘Amen’.

After the assassination of the King, who was chosen by God, it is clear hat Macbeth is no longer under the protection of God and is exiled from the safe haven that God had provided. Transparently, Macbeth will have no support from either God or the Devil (who he was seen mocking). He is deluded into believing that the malicious witches will favor him, however, his irrevocable fate is foreshadowed by the treatment of the sailor. Macbeth prior to this is seen as a man who is greatly exalted for his exceptional fighting on the battlefield.

The evidence to support this is hat, when returning from the war against the Norwegian Macbeth was given the title of ‘Thane of Castor’ to Macbeth. Shakespeare uses this to manipulate the audiences response as Macbeth is suddenly shown in a new light where he is seen invoking his dark side. Consequently the audience is Jolted at the sudden transformation from good to bad that has been made. Additionally, another point which can be extracted is that fires’ and ‘desires’ rhyme. This is similar to the spells such as fair is foul, and foul is fair: hover through the fog and filthy air’ that the itches enchant.

Perhaps this is to show that Macbeth has become more and more How does Shakespeare present ideas of good and bad in the play ‘Macbeth’? By ammonia captivated by the false prophecies that the witches have conjured, and is now casting them himself. Macbeth also states, false face must hide what the false heart doth know. This threads back to the contradictions of good and bad as it hints to us that the ‘good’ Macbeth was Just a mask to hide who he truly is, which in this case could possibly be a witch. P. S Don’t copy.

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