Shakespeare Play Remake Assignment

Shakespeare Play Remake Assignment Words: 473

The two men are assassins that Banquet wronged many years ago. Murderer 1 (Miles): King Macbeth what do you want us to do? Macbeth (Oliver): Are you angry and manly enough to get revenge on Banquet Murderer 2 (Duncan): I am manly enough! Murderer 1 (Miles): I am angry enough! Macbeth ( Oliver): When I give you the go ahead, kill Banquet then. Narrator ( Greg): Everyone leaves but Macbeth and Lady Macbeth enters upset t and we learn her and Macbeth haven’t been able to sleep. Lady Macbeth (Vanessa): can not sleep at night my head is full of scorpions

Macbeth (Oliver): Neither can but you must move on and get over it. Narrator (Daniel): Lady Macbeth leaves and Macbeth gives the assassins the g o ahead. Macbeth (Oliver) : The time has come go kill Banquet Murderer 1 ( Miles): Okay where is he? Macbeth (Oliver): Head to the wooden park when he passes by at dusk kill hi m and his son Balance. Murderer 2 (Duncan): We shall leave no survivors. Narrator (Daniel): The assassins wait for Banquet and Balance to pass and the n stab them Murderer 1 (Miles): Die Banquet die *Stabs him repeatedly*

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Murderer 2 (Duncan): Nymphomania * Stabs Balance* Banquet (Chase): Nonunion *Dies dramatically* Narrator (Greg): Balance manages to escape in the darkness despite being NJ rued. The assassins go and tell Macbeth what happened. Murderer 2 (Duncan): Macbeth is not going to be happy about this… Narrator (Daniel): At dinner Macbeth sees Banquet’s ghost and goes insane. Lady Macbeth ( Vanessa): Thank you for joining us for dinner, Macbeth would you like to make a toast? Macbeth (Oliver): Let us all drink to our health, it is such a shame Banquet can’ join us.

Banquet ( Chase): What do you mean Macbeth I am right here Narrator (Greg): Macbeth goes crazy and to his guests appears to be talking t o himself Macbeth (Oliver): IMPOSSIBLE, you are dead, your blood has been shed! You a re the devil! Lady Macbeth (Vanessa): Macbeth what are you doing, are you mad? You are scaring our guests! Macbeth (Oliver): Don’t you see him he is right there! Lady Macbeth (Vanessa) : See who? Macbeth (01 ever): Banquet *Everyone else sit in a corner and act scared* Lady Macbeth (Vanessa): You’re hallucinating!

The alcohol must have hit you wrong tonight lets go to bed, sorry for tonight everyone. Narrator (Daniel): Meanwhile the 3 weird sisters queen is mad at them for no t involving her in their encounters with Macbeth and they plan to lead Macbeth to his downfall by making him feel over confident. Narrator (Greg): And… Different lords have gotten together and come to the c inclusion that Macbeth is the one who killed King Duncan and Banquet and decide to seek E England’s military assistance to take down Macbeth.

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