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Bibliography Works Cited Department of Education. “U. S. Department of Education Budget Office. ” U. S. Department of Education. Department of Education, 30 Mar. 2011. Web. 05 May 2011. . Department of Defense. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller). The Department of Defense. Web. 05 May 2011. . Zakaria, Fareed. “U. S. Decline in Global Arena: Is America No Longer No. 1? – TIME. ” Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews – TIME. com. Web. 10 May 2011. . The first two are published by the U.

S. Government and the third was published by a reputable(TIME) magazine. Satire Research Project My satire is on the series of cuts in the education system. This system is in great need of reform. The United States government has lately proposed keeping the far larger military budget the same or the possibility of raising that very budget while cutting the budget for education. The U. S. military spends on average 690 billion a year on its defense budget. This is compared to a lesser amount of 69 billion on education.

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Yet the government decides that even though our 15-year-olds rank 17th in the world in science and 25th in math; we rank 12th among developed countries in college graduation ,and we come in 79th in elementary-school enrollment that it is time to cut education budgets. The U. S. ranks no. 1 in expenditures in the military we are ranked tenth in education spending as a percent of GDP. Still our speaker of the house John Boehner wants to cut spending on education along with Florida’s current governor Rick Scott. These cuts are going to be the center of my satire.

This is an alarming issue that is affecting our country today and it is definitely worthy of a satirical response. Reflection I chose this societal problem because it directly affects me and it will affect the future as well. I chose to use a cartoon to express my discontent with the way things are progressing in our government because I felt it was the way I could express my views. This cartoon sufficiently satirizes the problem by exaggerating the physical and emotional features of John Boehner the speaker of the house.

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