Romeo & Juliet: How Does Shakespeare Assignment

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She falls in love with Romeo and has her heart set on him as her husband; after meeting him once briefly. This shows she is very easy led; she also believes anything she is told. Juliet was only attending the party to see Pans; the man her parents had chosen to be her betrothed, but once she sees Romeo, Paris Just does not seem good enough. This is a tragedy play of Shakespearean as it describes a series of unfortunate events that lead to the deaths of the foe’s children, this is a way tot keeping the audience’s attention.

The audience may come to wonder whether these incidents were Just fate r the faults of the characters and if there could have been anyway their untimely death could have been avoided. I think these incidents were the faults of the characters. If Romeo had received the letter from the priest before killing himself, he would understand what was going on and would have waited for Juliet to awake. Shakespeare engages the audience’s attention by changing the atmosphere of the scene a lot. The beginning is cheerful and excited, but very busy.

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As everyone prepares for the party, the servants are busy rushing around making sure everything s in place. The atmosphere is then angry and violent as Table realizes it is Romeo disguised who has came to the party. Table thinks Romeo has come in spite and decides to kill him, “Now by the stock and honor of my kin, to strike him dead and hold It not a sin,” but Old Caplet tells him to be patient because he does not want such actions taking place in front of his guests. Straight after that, Romeos first encounter with Juliet takes place; making the atmosphere very loving and pleasant.

He quickly decides she is perfect and that he simply must have her. Juliet would not be used to this kind of treatment, being such a sheltered child; she quickly falls In love with Romeo. She Is upset when she finds out his true identity, but decides it does not matter because she loves him. The structure of these changes keeps the audience on their toes, they never quite ‘Off know what is going to happen next . One moment they’re expecting a nappy, yet tort the most part, calm party; then they are lead to believe Romeo may be killed or hurt that very night.

Afterwards everything is perfect; Romeo is happy he has found money who he believes to be within reach of his expectations; he convinces Juliet that he is honorable and they fall in love. They then find out who the other is, and the atmosphere is gloomy again; leaving the audience wondering what comes next in this reallocates of emotion. The audience are more aware of the difference between characters in this scene. They are shown how volatile Table’s temper is, how easily Romeo convinces himself he is in love and how calm and accepting Old Caplet is.

This difference in attitudes shows the potentially fatal mix for what it is; a recipe for disaster. The audience are likely to see Romeo as the hero or victim of the story along with Juliet. Leaving Table known as traditional villain. The way old Caplet speaks to Table at the party shows the difference in the characters’ attitude; it also shows how wise a man old Caplet is and how much influence he has over his family. He speaks to Table calmly and cheerily at first; then when Table disagrees. Caplet tells him off in a demeaning manor. “What, Goodman boy, I say he shall, go to!

Am I the master here, or you? Go to! You’ll not endure him? God shall mend my soul, you’ll make a mutiny among my guests! ” This shows Old Caplet to have more power in the family than Table does. This could either be because of Old Caplet’s age compared to Table’s or be because they are inside Caplet’s mansion. He is the master of the house and therefore of anyone in it; including his own relatives, this would make the audience wonder how he would react if he knew about Romeo and Gullet’s love. Old Caplet uses this speech to show he is fair, but will be forceful if necessary.

In reply to this Table says “Patience referee with willful choler, meeting makes my flesh tremble in their different greeting: I will with draw, but this intrusion shall, now seeming sweet, convert to bitterest gall,” this shows that Table is not going to forget about tonight’s events and will act on his anger at a later time in the play. In Shakespearean theatre; there was very little space. A large room, crowded with party guests would somehow have to be an illusion. Shakespeare may have accomplished this by having painted backgrounds where there may have been painted fugues dancing in the back drop.

Creating the feeling of a large room, the atmosphere of a party also may have been created by one or two pairs of dancers waltzing behind the actors who are speaking. Music may also have been used to help add to the atmosphere of this. Also Shakespeare uses the actor’s dialogue to suggest things are happening, Old Caplet says “Welcome gentlemen! Ladies that have their toes unplanned with corns will walk a bout with you,” this suggests he was speaking too large group of people. In conclusion this is a very crucial scene to the play, because it makes the recipe for disaster more obvious.

This is the start of the chain; without this scene the others tolling it could not nave taken place . This is because this is the scene where Romeo not only first meets Juliet but it is also when he is spotted by Table; which causes all the later drama because in killing Table, Romeo is banish from Verona. At the end of this scene the audience would be excited to see what happens next; but also worried and nervous as to what becomes of Romeo and Juliet. Does Table kill Romeo, like he says he will? Or does something else happen? The audio–once has to wait and see.

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