Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare Assignment

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare Assignment Words: 264

Lawrence marry Juliet and Romeo because they were so in love, but he also had his own agenda to end the civil strife in Verona. “For this alliance may so happy prove/To turn your households’ rancho to pure love” (al. Ii) Although Friar Lawrence plans are well Intended, they serve as the mechanisms or which tragedy occurs, he brings the fate of Romeo and Juliet about. Friar Lawrence trusted someone else with a letter of great significance to deliver to Romeo, Friar Lawrence did not even tell Friar John that the letter was of great Importance. “The letter was not nice but full of charge,/Of dear import, and the neglecting it/May do much danger. ” (V. Ii) Friar Lawrence also leaves Juliet alone while she was in the tomb, which results in Juliet to kill herself. “Stay not to question, for the watch is coming. /Come, go, good Juliet.

I dare no longer stay. ” (V. Ii) Friar Lawrence puts himself before Juliet and worries about getting caught by the watch. He leaves her to kill herself even though he is entirely to blame why she is in the predicament she was in. Friar Lawrence makes many irresponsible choices throughout the play that lead to the death of both Romeo and Juliet. Trusting Juliet with poison, leaving the letter of great Importance to Friar John and leaving the tomb when Juliet most needed him are only a tee. Friar Lawrence consistently makes ad b decisions throughout the play that all collectively lead to Romeo and Gullet’s death.

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