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The art of romanticism evolved during sass’s, The art focuses on different human emotions, natural environment, a person’s experience, differences among people, traditional way of life and on the unique talent that every artist possess. The art of romanticism is present in literary works, poetry, performing arts, and music. During the period of romanticism, poetic creations were focused on nature’s attractiveness and individual experiences in a locality. One illustration is the “Song of Myself”, a poem created by Walt Whitman.

In this poem, he compared nature with errors like things and other beings. One of the lines Is crafted this way, “My tongue every atom of my blood, and form from this soil, this air. ” What Whitman wrote was based on his own individual experience but it speaks about no particular person. This kind of art shows feelings not only through the written words but also through the imagination that the reader has at the time that one reads the poem. Paintings during the romanticism period show liberty in social and artistic laws.

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The capacity of colors and lines were maximized to give the painting creation a unique and emotional theme. One painting that portrays a true to life story is the “Execution of the Citizens of Madrid”, The portrait showed how Madrid forces opposed the army of Napoleon who were invading their country. Upon scrutinizing the portrait it is not difficult to pinpoint the details that the painter wants to emphasize. It is clear that a man wearing a white shirt was about to be killed.

Dark red, orange, and black colors were also used to show the negative and heavy feelings that the Individuals felt during that period. Geometric figures were also utilized to enhance the image shown in the painting. Through color blending and figure organization, the romanticism painters were able to showcase emotions and events in their art creations. Dance movements during the romanticism period show emotions through the different coordination. Ballet is one of famous dance movement that was developed during that time.

Two major persons behind the development of romanticism dance are Audiophile Gaudier and Carlo Blasts. Gaudier is both a poet and a critic. He once said that dance was a visual performance that depicts attractive creations through graceful movements. For him, dancing is an art like how painting and sculptures ere classified as art works. On the other hand, Carol’s disposition on dancing is particular and procedural. For him, dancing is a combination of structure, position, and training. Ballet, for example has to have the starting point, the climax, and an ending.

He is not giving his dancers the option to create their own set of movements but all of them have to adhere to what his rules are. His dancers would have to portray the emotions that Carlo wants them to portray. Gaudier is different. He wants his dancers to think outside the box to create a unique coordination. Gaudier allows is dancers to freely express themselves though dance movements and for him, it is where art is. Both of them have their own point of view about how dancing should be called an art and their contributions in the field were considered significant.

Symphonies, piano, and opera are few of the music that was developed during the romanticism period. Beethoven was one of the significant persons during romanticism period in the field of music. He was a classical composer and was well- rounded in creating a piece out of the different instrumental sounds. His pieces were loud and full of energy. A person listening to his creation would imagine watching a dramatic play or feeling uneasy for an intensified problem. An opera can both have a serene and piercing theme.

This depends on the song and the instruments being used. Opera music is not a stand-alone art. It can be played during a ballet performance or during a stage play. Opera can enhance the emotional expressions that an act should portray. To give a concrete example, imagine an act during a storm; the opera singer will sing a fast and loud song to add intensity to the act. If the act is at a lake with a swan, the opera singer will sing in a slow and calm tone to ad peacefulness to the scene. Playing piano can enhance the imagery of a particular scene.

Even if it is played alone, the sound that a piano creates can stimulate emotions of the listeners. Indeed, the music during the romanticism era creates a variety of moods. To sum up, the period of romanticism focuses on expressions and moods. The art in the field of music, painting, poetry and dancing were greatly affected by the art evolution during this era. These effects can be seen from different works that were introduced during the period. Reference Spore, D. J. 0. Reality Through The Arts

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