Reflections of romanticism in william wordsworth poems Assignment

Reflections of romanticism in william wordsworth poems Assignment Words: 340

Even though the concept of the book has not changed until modern times, its form has undergone significant changes. Much to literary’ critics’ outrage, technological novelties have started replacing traditional books. Recently, eBooks have overshadowed Guttenberg printing press and revolutionized people’s reading habits. Given the fact that more and more users prefer digital books to printed ones, it is worth investigating the differences between these two.

There are three main aspects of paper books and eBooks which could be compared, namely accessibility, availability and environmental impact. Developmental paragraph 1 ACCESSIBILITY Julia, Awe Topic sentence One of the main differences between paper books and eBooks is that the latter offer better accessibility. Us porting sentences It is impossible to carry around more than a couple of paper books without feeling overloaded. Example The most obvious situation in which one can benefit from having an eBook is whilst traveling.

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For instance, people can enjoy their favorite pieces of literature on the go, for example on a plane/ train, at the same time being able to travel light Conclusion (and transition) paragraph 2 Supporting sentence 1 + example 1 Supporting sentence 2 + example 2 Therefore, possessing an eBook is an advantage for reading aficionados who can access any book they want no matter when and where they are. Downloaded file = also easy to purchase. AVAILABILITY (OFFER, PRICE) Michael, Katharine, Juan Another feature distinguishing paper books from eBooks is availability.

Ebooks tend to be more easily obtainable than their paper counterparts. There is a wide offer of eBooks from every part of the world and in every language available online. On the other hand, book collections in libraries, even though they are constantly expanding, are limited. For example, in the case of Amazon, ordering an eBook is more convenient because one can get it instantly, while waiting for a paper book usually takes weeks. Moreover, eBooks can be downloaded at any time and any place with access to the Internet while paper books are not hat easy to get.

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