Music as Art. My Favorite Music Style. Assignment

Music as Art. My Favorite Music Style. Assignment Words: 785

My favorite music style. Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence that are organized in time in a special way. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. In the historical context the development of music is inseparable from the active development of person’s sensory abilities. Course of the auditory development of the man of the musical material in a changing cultural environment is the most fundamental part of the music history.

The specificity of the music as a special aesthetic value is disclosed in the ratio of applied creativity and artistic purposes. Music is an art form that is designed for auditory perception. Its feature is direct and strong impact on the people. For instance, Leo Tolstoy said that musical art “by its nature has a direct psychological effect on the nerves”. In contrast to all the kinds of visual and verbal arts, music doesn’t reproduce visible pictures of the world and is deprived of the semantic specificity. That’s why it can be considered a truly universal “language” which doesn’t require translation.

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In comparison with the works of all kinds spatial arts musical creations are almost indestructible because it exists in perfect form but not in material. It can’t be touched and forged, as it happens with paintings and sculptures, although it can be stolen, giving its authorship of someone else’s work. Such art category as interpretation and performance play a great role in music. Masterly performed a musical work has more than one author if to take into account composer, performer (or performers) and the possibilities of the instruments. Music is divided into secular and spiritual.

The main field of spiritual music is cultic. The development of the European musical theory of note writing and music pedagogy are associated with European cultic music (commonly called the church). According to performing assets music is divided into singing (singing), instrumental and vocal-instrumental. Music can be divided into genres, types and styles. The criteria for this division can be rhythm, tools, methods and other parameters. Basic genres are: folk music, spiritual music, classic music, Latin American music, blues, jazz, country music, chanson, electronic music, rock music, popular music, hip-hop, ask, reggae.

My favorite style of music is Russian rock. It is rock music with the texts in the Russian language. The distinctive features of Russian rock are: non-profit nature, the impact of political changes in the society on the image and work of each rock group, deep meaning of texts. Russian rock was born in the USSR in the second half of the XX century under the influence of the world, first of all, the Western music. By the mid-sass in Moscow and Leningrad first beat group were formed that performed covers of international hits. Among the earliest groups were “Falcon”, “Scythian”, “Isomorphic” and “Slavs”.

The most famous place of performance of rock groups of the sass in Moscow became the center В??EnergeticВ??, in which at one of the concerts the wrought-iron gate was broken and mounted police was called to restore order. In this period concert records was mainly spread, which copied as samizdat from one owner tape recorders to another. For rock music of that time, which required a drive, performance in the acoustic version was pointless. By the end of 1 sass beginning of sass a full-fledged rock movement was formed in the USSR, which started to organize themselves with the help of the authorities.

To organize the roots movement, in 1981 , the Leningrad rock club was opened, the first rock-club in the USSR (under a supervision of the KGB). Due to the rock-club, the rock-group for the first time there appeared a possibility to record and to give concerts legally and the authorities – keep rockers under the supervision. Russian rock went through a difficult period in 1983-85 years, when on the initiative of the Coherence in the amateur groups were suppressed, the organization of concerts without state monopoly had been legated to private enterprise and threatened to jail.

During this period, the Moscow groups are particularly affected by from such measures, “Resurrection”, “Bravo”, “Corrosion of Metals”, the police stopped their shows, and Some of their members even visited detention. Only in 1 985 the opening of the Moscow Rock Laboratory was opened that allowed the capital groups to legalize their activities. And with the beginning of perestroika and glasnost in 1 985, the musicians got the opportunity to perform live. “Nautilus Bumptious”, “Aquarium”, “Zoo” and ‘team C” became popular.

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