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His innovation and vision has had a profound effect on the way technology is being used. He was more People orientated than Task orientated in terms of placing himself in the customer’s position and appealing to what they would desire even if they did know it themselves; “It is not the customers job to know what they want”,”people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. Mr.. Jobs was more a Autocratic leader than a collaborative one he was also a ramifications leader in some aspects. Autocratic Steve Job’s decisions were made with minimal consultation, and his decisions were made quicker allowing him to respond to changes in the business environment more quickly. The Environmental changes which includes facing their competitors, such as Microsoft. However, because of his “manipulative” behavior he is considered by some of his employees as authoritative.

His behavior and Autocratic style in meetings for instance was described as being rude, and obnoxious. Because of his desire for perfection he had a domineering presence which made some of the employees fear him;he would walk around and ask his employees what they were doing and if they were facing any problems this made his employees feel that Jobs did not only care about the consumers and the products but the employees as well. He wanted to make sure that he was apart of every intricate detail and was involved in every aspect of the company.

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Transformational As a transformational leader Steve Jobs highly encouraged innovation and reiterative among his Apple employees, a key element of intellectual stimulation. He inspired other by- Story telling of his own path helped team members to envision success and possibilities He was always clear about the direction in which the company was heading to. Steve Jobs fought through illness and stayed as long as he could to bring the company as its best. Steve jobs knew how to inspire and attract people with the same vision and the skill set he needed for the team.

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