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Dry. Martin Luther King was this individual who the world saw as an inspirational leader. Before describing Dry. Martin Luther King’s leadership characteristics in more details, would like to first share a brief biography of Dry. King. Martin Luther King Jar. Was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended a segregated high school in Georgia. He got his B. A degree from Morehouse College a private all male college located in Atlanta. He continued with his education to receive a doctorate degree in 1 951 from Boston University. While at Boston Martin met Correct Scott and married.

Together they got two daughters and two sons. Short after receiving his doctorate degree, Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Started serving as pastor in 1954 at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. He quickly got involved in civil rights activities and was very active as member of the executive committee of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. In 1957 Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Was elected president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference which is an African American civil rights movement. Dry. King Jar. Spoke and appeared every”here there was injustice.

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Dry. Martin Luther King’s leadership character captures global interest. One of his most famous speeches “l have a dream” is broadly studied and inspired by a lot of inspiring leaders today. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Was known as an inspirational speaker and a great leader. Martin Luther King Jar. Was not just a good speaker, he was also a great listener, which formed him as the great leader he was. In meetings, he always stayed quiet and listened while others argued and then he would calmly sum p the debates between the member in the meeting and he would then identify possible solutions. Dry.

Martin Luther King Jar. Had an extraordinary skills to make people work together and follow his lead to accomplish their goals. As a leader, Dry. Martin Luther King believed that group involvement to better the racial issues in our nation was everyone’s responsibilities. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Assumed that the responsibility “to make America a truly great nation falls on all Americans, not just black Americans”. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. As a persuasive leader and always convinced his followers that their rights as Americans mattered. He engaged them in every process to fight racial issues.

To some leaders today, Dry. King was a transformational leader. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Managed to transform how black Americans were viewed by White Americans. He was a man with a vision and a dream that blacks and whites could be equal one day. There is no doubt in our mind that Martin Luther King Jar. Was great leader who inspired his followers. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Always insisted “If you can’t fly then run, if you can ‘t run hen walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”. As a leader, Dry.

King was committed to his dreams, he fought for his believes and never gave up or let his followers to give up. He was very determined to achieving the goals and his followers were behind him to accomplish that with him. Dry. King is known as the most charismatic leader in the world. He was very confident, sincere, honest, and passionate towards his goal. His traits as a leader were highly influenced by his peaceful religious beliefs and backgrounds. He was very friendly towards his followers and was open to their ideas and opinions, which led him to be successful and the great leader he was.

Mohamed Shari My current understanding of leadership means trust, relationships and guidance between someone leading and others following. The leadership style of Mr.. Shari is comparable to that of Dry. Martin Luther King. The comparisons include being a good listener, collaborating and commitment to the end goal. Mr.. Shari also believes in dreams and visions towards accomplishing a common goal. Mr.. Shari’s collaborations and listing style of leadership is through communicating with the individuals in the various departments of the organization.

Professionalism is what Mr.. Shari values when it comes to dealing with clients. Mr.. Shari is great at staying quite and listening during meetings. He tends to take notes at the meetings and listens to other people’s ideas and questions that come up and then Mr.. Shari plans and drafts solutions to meet client’s requirement. Under Mr.. Shari’s leadership, his team follows his defined solution to execute the client’s acquirement which is the common goal for his department. His organization knows Mr..

Shari as a person who is very determined clearly to the organization’s objectives. He is a person who thinks positive from the get go and motivates his followers. Mr.. Shari never gives up on the goal and does not allow his followers to give up. His leadership skills comes with getting people to work together who otherwise prefer not to work with each other. Just like Dry. Martin Luther Ginger. , Mr.. Shari believes to be inspired and inspire others (followers) to accomplish mutual goal.

He is a logical individual who comes with a powerful leadership skills that includes being confident and commitment. Mr.. Shari is an honest person whose followers trust in his leadership role. The above leadership skills describes Mr.. Shari’s leadership style and qualities. However, there are area where Mr.. Mohamed Shari lacks which will need to improve. Mr.. Shari lacks the skills of public speaking skills to motivate followers out in the public. Mr.. Shari believes that his confidence as a leader with his organization will prepare him to be a public speaker one ay.

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