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Donald Trump leadership style, adds or detracts from performance as a leader? Donald Trump’s leadership style is primarily autocratic, he tells employees what he wants done and how he wants it done, and if things are not done the way he wants, he simply fires them. In one article I read, a former employee said that Donald Trump has a nasty habit of firing people without second chances. We know that all good leaders use all three kinds of leadership styles, but not the Donald, he is certainly not Participative or Delegation in front of the great masses.

Some of us have seen or heard of his show, the Apprentice. He is certainly a character and has built a reputation for the ultimate authoritarian. His phrase, Your Fired! Is famous. When I first started my research on his leadership style, thought there was just this hard almost inhumane side to him. Was very surprised to find some kind comments about his leadership style and him as a person. Some current and former employees say that Donald Trump actually confides with a select close group.

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He has built a good team that he relies on to bounce ideas on and asks for their input before making big decisions. Donald is ultimately the person that makes the final decision, but he does include others in his decision making process in a Democratic leadership style. He holds this leadership style close to him, and does not let this get out much. Many people have an opinion about Donald Trump, you either hate him, you love him, or at the very least, you find him intriguing.

Whatever he is doing, it certainly works for him. Most of his employees love him; I found a couple articles where employees talk about his great generosity and kind heart. As an example of his kind heart, he has employees that are well into their ass’s and Us that are unable to keep working, and can not afford to retire, Donald has kept them on the payroll with a full time salary. His long time personal assistant developed vision problems, and he continues to pay her full salary as well.

Another example of his generosity is a time when his vehicle had a flat tire in a rural road outside of New York, a couple came along and changed his tire, He later tracked them down and paid off the mortgage on their home. He does not publicize these acts f kindness, he keeps them to himself. Donald Trump is a positive example of an autocratic leader. He has set a new standard of excellence in building the Donald Trump organization.

He is respected and liked by employees and hated by people that do not know him personally. Trump believes in face to face negotiations, it’s much harder for individuals to say no when they are looking you in the eye. He develops relationships with people he deals with and is very good at reading body language. He believes that knowledge is power, he does not judge people by their education levels or egress, but always respects those that have one, he knows that experience is just as important as a degree.

He believes in surrounding himself with great people. Donald Trump is truly an expert in his field, he has achieved this by following his ritual of practicing until he can’t get it wrong. Donald Trump’s ability to incorporate all the different qualities such as legitimate power, expert power, and referent power along with Charisma into his leadership style adds to his performance as a leader. He exudes authority and confidence, his people trust him, when he speaks, people listen.

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