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Irony in Love Irony is a mystery. The smartest minds of society even contradict themselves; nothing goes as planned. No matter how much people are molded by others, they are always their own individual with their own free will. Love is also a mystery; it is an emotion, but also a psychological necessity. Having immense book smarts and everything planned out does not set the standards for the ideal guy. Conceded, self-centered people have no realization that the world does not revolve around them and their opinion.

In many cases, the guy “on top” does not always get what he wants but what he deserves. In Max Sultan’s, Love Is a Fallacy, the story has almost no association with the emotion love; it follows the material, selfish, earthly values of humans. Salmon portrays how irony can be seen through a man teaching a woman how to be logic, but then the woman turns away. Logically choosing another mate. A young law student pursues Poly Espy; a beautiful, graceful classmate who is not the brilliant compared to him. He aims to teach her logic, making them the “perfect” pair.

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In his arrogance he neglects to see that Poly is her own person and does not have to choose him, no matter his educational status. After all the knowledge given to her, she makes the decision to “go steady’ with his roommate, Petty Bellows, realizing their relationship is not a logical choice for her life. As John Gay has said “follow love and it will flee, flee love and it will follow. ” Poly sees right through the main character, all his “hard work” back fired. In the end of the story she has no interest in him. With all his intelligence, he has no emotions.

Everything enters around him. During the story, Poly and the future lawyer meet for their “dates” at the Knoll. Known for being regularly visited by young couples as a hook up spot. Though this young couple ironically goes to talk about logic. The young law student could have taken her any. Veer at all, but chose to take her to a romantic spot for a non-romantic conversation. His unconscious, emotionless choice provides the audience and Poly even more information to come to the conclusion that he isn’t emotionally interested; even though he stated it early in the story.

For him this is strictly an experiment to see if Poly is “worthy’ of him. He would rather spend the time “correcting” Polyps mind because she is “logic-proof,” than trying to get to know her for who she really is. In doing this he debilitates the chemical process the brain completes in order to feel the emotion of lust and attraction. Everyone and everything has to measure up to him or it is not good enough. Though, in the end the law student doesn’t measure up to his roommate that is “dumb as an ox. ” At the end of the story, Poly chooses Petty over the pompous law student imply because of the raccoon coat.

Ironically the reason petty has the coat is because of the fact that his roommate gave him it for the girl. Poly hilariously proves to the young man that no matter how well put together someone’s future or current situation in life, something as simple as a raccoon coat can leave you in the dust. From the very beginning, Poly and Petty already had chemistry. Like John Dryden once said “love is not in our choice but in our fate,” there was something established prior. The young lawyer sought out to take her, not even considering she needed to be won over.

Once again not thinking about another individual’s opinion, only his need and wants to become a “successful” lawyer. Proven in Love Is a Fallacy, you can educate someone to a higher standard but the repercussions of that action may not be in your favor. This lead to the knowledge that having a giant intellect does not mean that an individual knows everything, especially about love. Many geniuses do not understand that not every aspect of life needs to be mathematically calculated to precision. People are singular because no one is exactly alike.

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