Integrated Conflict Management Sysytems Assignment

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Currently in my organization we are involved in a conflict with employee engagement being one of the factors. In the past our employees worked a 4-day work week. About 7 years ago as a result of a decrease in production this schedule was replaced by the traditional 5-day work week. Over the last 3 years production has steadily increased and they have proposed to return to that schedule. One of their points to our section manager was that as a result of their performance hey would like the opportunity to have a voice in this decision.

They have been granted an opportunity to have a representative address our general manager and make their case. Following the infrastructure definitions in the ‘SMS are the responsibilities. The first listing of responsibilities applies to all employees and lays the foundation for expected behaviors. All employees must be open towards and respectful of one another. They must promote an environment of fairness and mutually respectful communication. Finally they must use conflict management skills to raise and resolve issues.

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Next the ISMS explains the responsibilities of senior leadership, management, supervision and officers of the ISMS. The first responsibility is identical for all levels of leadership and really demonstrates the organizations understanding of the link between culture and success. It is as follows: Creating a culture and work environment in which employees at every level are valued and encouraged to raise issues or concerns without retaliation. This phrase is repeated five times in the ISMS. Ultimately a company’s goal is to be successful and to perform.

The Tsar’s policy with regard to its ISMS core principles is clear on the relationship between the two. By focusing on how people treat each other, make decisions, and solve problems, TTS expects improvement, over time, in communication, cooperation, and conflict management resulting in continuous improvement in performance.

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