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All these predators fight and kill to survive, otherwise they would seize to exist. When a lion goes to attack its prey the fear of dying motivates the Lion to successfully carry out the fight. Us humans are not much different, our fears can arise from struggling to survive as well. Our struggle for survival could be directly correlated with our hunt for food or as a fight to keep those closest to us content. Whatever it may be, there is reason behind why we fight. Strategy and planning Is essential to win a fight. All wars and fights In the past have had some type of plan to follow through to win a fight.

The Spartan empire knew how to win a fight, only because they trained and managed their soldiers since they were Infants. Spartan men grew to be the greatest soldiers because the government executed proper strategy and planning to achieve a flawless military. Martial arts fighters train to get stronger, faster, and smarter; so when the time comes they are ready to take on the opponent that comes in contact with them. No matter how long or how hard one trains, the core of fighting is traced back to some yep of frustration whether it be anger, disagreement, fear. Jealousy, ridicule, etc.

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A fighter must be able to keep calm and channel their anger directly at their opponent. Although the sole purpose of a fight is to win, fighting with style is not necessarily about winning. Anger is at the core of it all. This anger could be caused directly from the opponent or from other situations. For example; a cheating wife caught in the act, the man does not hit the wife instead he fights the other man using his anger to fight, for all we know, a complete stranger. In this case the man is not fighting with style because he has completely lost his temper and is no longer calm In the situation.

Anger could be good or bad in a fight, just as long as the anger does not consume the fighter it is to the fighters advantage. Serenity is key for one to fight with style. The ability to go through blow, after blow, after blow and still remain calm demonstrates what kind of fighter you truly are. The second someone starts fighting out of frustration they no longer fight with style and could even look foolish. On June 8, 1997 one of the most notorious boxers, Mike Tyson, lost his cool and bit his opponents ear off.

Mike Tyson has been one of the greatest boxers in boxing history, but after this incident he no longer fought with style and lost a lot of respect amongst boxing fans. As a result his boxing license was revoked and he was also fined. Tyson inability to remain tranquil during a frustrating situation cost him his career, had he fought with style the outcome would be completely different. Hand combat still exists and has even evolved into sports like boxing and MAMA. Some f the greatest professional fighters include Chuck Lidded, Many Pacific, and Sugar Ray Robinson.

But of all the professional fighters, Muhammad All stood out far beyond the rest. Muhammad All not only knew how to keep calm and channel his anger into his opponent but he also enjoyed doing it. In some of his fights he was literally dancing in the ring with his opponent. His unorthodox way of fighting worked to his benefit in two ways. First, his way of fighting allowed him to remain calm and focused on the fight by ridding himself of any nervousness that may have troubled IM, the main component of fighting with style.

Second, by dancing on his opponents and making them look foolish, he would frustrate them eventually leading them to lose their cool and eventually lose their style of fighting. Alias combination of maintaining his style of fighting and making his opponent lose their style of fighting lead him to become, arguably, the greatest professional boxer of all time. In the brief time that I boxed I found that the best days I trained or sparred were the days I went to the gym in an angry mood. Being in a controlled environment with there fighters made it easier to channel my anger towards the person I was fighting or training with.

Which also taught me how to keep calm and focus on why I was fighting. Personally I have only ever been involved in one real fight. My friend and I were wrestling and my friend lost his temper and tried to take a swing at me. Before he swung I tried to prevent the fight from happening by telling him to relax but it was too late. So when he took the swing at me I managed to think quick and roll right under his punch. In turn it gave me enough time to charge and get him into a hold until he came to his senses.

This was when I realized how important it is to remain calm in a fight. After this situation my friend and I were not as close. Besides losing a friend, I also learned the importance of self-control. Fighting plays a huge role in our society, it’s almost impossible to go through a day without seeing a fight being advertised for the public or the news talking about some type of conflict going on in the world. Even on the big screen there is the classic scene where the man falls for a girl and is willing to fight any man to prove that he ended truly loves that girl.

Regardless of the issue or situation everyone will be exposed to a fight sometime in their life, whether they are personally involved or know the individual that is. Knowing how to fight with style is important so, if and when the time comes, one is prepared to survive and not look foolish. Being able to channel your anger properly and keep calm during a fight could increase your chances of winning. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the fight, the only thing that matters is knowing you put up one hell off fight.

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