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Helena is clearly longing for something to make her like Hermit in hope that Demerits would see some of Hermit in ere. She is also jealous of Hermit’s beauty. It also shows us that she is insecure about her own appearance. The audience would’ve felt sorry towards her at this point as she is clearly devastated about Demerits. A bit more into the play Helena expresses her confusion and betrayal towards Demerits. “F-or ere Demerits looked on Hermit’s nine, / He hailed down oaths that he was only mine} And when this hail some heat from Hermit felt,’ So he dish/d, and showers of oaths did melt. Len this metaphor Helena is saying that Demerits had made so many promises to her like balls of ice (hail stones) but when Hermit name along he made broke them causing Demerits promises to have melted. We feel sympathetic towards Hermit as Demerits led Helena on, making all of these promises when only later he would break all of them. Desperation is shown When Helena tells Demerits about Hermit and Lassoer’s plan to run away, betraying Hermit in the process. She is so desperate that she betrayed her best friend, Hermit.

It was a bit hypocritical Of her to betray Hermit and endangering their friendship like that when later on she accuses Hermit of throwing away their friendship when actually Hermit was stating the truth. But herein mean enrich my pain, / To have his slight thither, and back again. ” In this quote it shows that Helena has come to the conclusion that Demerits would never love her, So she would betray her best friend to just be pleased with by Demerits but this doesn’t seem the case when you read later on in the play that Demerits gets even more irritated with Helena.

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Helena is basically saying that even though it would pain her to see Demerits chasing after Hermit she would still do it. At this moment the audience would’ve felt annoyed and sympathetic. The audience annoyed at Helena because she had ruined her best rind’s plan just to help her in her love life. This would he considered as selfish. However we would be sympathetic towards her as she has completely given up on being loved by Demerits, However when her wishes are finally granted she doesn’t believe it creating a huge argument: ‘Wherefore was I to this keen mockery born? When at your hands did I deserve this scorn? ” At this point Helena lets out all the insecurities, anger and sadness she ever been feeling. Her life for the last couple Of months has been an emotional reallocates. “1st not enough, sits enough, young man, That did never, no, nor never can/ Deserve a sweet kick from Demerits’ eye/ But you must flout my insufficiency? ” The repetition that she uses suggests that she is so angry at Demerits that she repeats her words; she’s so angry that she cannot think straight.

The whole reason she angry is that she thinks that they are mocking her as Helena cannot believe anyone could possibly love her as she is so used to being rejected. If Demerits couldn’t love her, who would? Her low self esteem also appears into her passage and her words. Helena feels confused at how anyone could ever like her and most of all outraged that her friends would mock and make fun of her. The audience feel humored at this situation as Helena is claiming that Lessened and Demerits don’t love her when actually they are in love with her to the point to madness.

We also feel sorry towards her as she sees herself as a reject. At the end, when the confusion is solved and Helena finally has Demerits she says some final words. “So methinks: / And have found Demerits, like a jewel, / Mine own, and not mine own. ” In this metaphor she compares Demerits to a jewel like she had been digging for a diamond and had finally found it. It shows how much Helena values Demerits. At this point she finally realizes that Demerits actually does love her.

At this point the audience would be feeling happy for Helena as she’s finally cheerful. However they might think that Demerits doesn’t actually deserve Helena. In conclusion, Helena is showed as a heartbroken and desperate girl at the beginning then at the end she Seems happy. The audience experience a range of emotions towards her, including sympathy, irritation and happiness. At the end Of the play, we are likely to feel happy and satisfied because she finally has what she wants. Also throughout the whole play she is always depressed, sad or scolding herself.

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