How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant Style Analysis Assignment

How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant Style Analysis Assignment Words: 315

“How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant” contains numerous literary elements that, If left undiscovered, prevent the reader from truly understanding and appreciating the work as a whole. For example, Bosses use of connotation, such as ” mother had secret hopes.

Finally divorced for the second time from the same man, m father, she sat with me and gave me her own commentary about who was cute, who s lied too much, who would find a handsome husband,” (3) gives the reader subtle backdrop undo Information and Insight Into Bosses mother’s way of thinking.

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Saying that her mother had “secret hopes” is a negatively connoted way of describing her mother’s hidden agene ad and wishes for her daughter. Although most parents would want their children to par dictate in the activities of their choosing, Bosses words indicate that her mother had a selfish desire to see her daughter succeed, despite her daughter’s own desires or aspiration s.

Bosses also uses imagery and diction, such as “From my viewing seat on a green striped couch in my parents’ smoky living room where the carpet, a collage of white, b rowan, and black mixed shah, contrasted so loudly with the cheap ASS furnishings that It threatened my attention to the television set” (1) gives the reader additional understand ending onto Bosses own background and raising, and also prefaces the cultural references a ND allusions that are to come later In the narrative.

By providing this Information, Bosses places the reader into her own situations and circumstance. One element the author uses to convey her messages to the reader is allusion. In order to “set the stage” tort her audience, Bosses writes about such things as “[the] Km down the road” and the “Target all the way across town” and mentions that “This was the ‘Off

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