How does Shakespeare show the changes in Macbeth? Assignment

How does Shakespeare show the changes in Macbeth? Assignment Words: 594

How does Shakespeare show the changes in Macbeth? Shakespeare shows the changes in Macbeth through many different ways including: how the other characters alter his decisions, how he becomes/is as a character and through what he says. Shakespeare cleverly reveals a completely different side to Macbeth as he is lead into doing terrible things. Firstly Macbeth is portrayed as a brutal, brave but loyal character before he has even come onto the stage. At the start of the book we first come across the witches.

Although this particular scene has no direct affect on the way Macbeth acts through the book it does give us some foreshadowing into what might happen. The main line in this opening scene is “fair is foul, and foul is fair. ” At the very start this does not have very much meaning but when looked at this line is predicting that whatever a person might seem on the outside the inside may be very different. When Macbeth does meet the witches he comes across as being an innocent character as he is puzzled at what the witches feed to him.

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However as the play goes on Macbeth noticeably repeats what the witches say about him becoming Thane of Castor and king. It is obvious that he likes the idea but he does not understand how it would be possible without Duncan dead. The witches make him come across as being mad and change his opinion to god and to any decencies he has. Lady Macbeth as a character plays a large part in how Machete’s character changes. Lady Macbeth is portrayed as a very controlling and ruthless character.

She is very recursive as she wants her own way – which is for Macbeth to become King so she will be rich and fortuned. Lady Macbeth interacts with Macbeth in Act 1 scene 7 too large extent. Lady Macbeth makes Macbeth feel guilty for not wanting to kill King Duncan by saying that he is not a man and When you durst do it, then you were a man’. In other words he is a coward unless he does. She is very selfish and does not even consider the consequences as her mind is well set. Macbeth comes across as a person who is not easily pressured by others but as we have found out, that is untrue.

Macbeth is obviously easily manipulated by his wife as she means a lot to him. He becomes very stressed and slightly mad, this is portrayed mainly though the large soliloquies. Shakespeare shows the changes in Macbeth mainly through his use of language. At the beginning of Act Scene 7 Macbeth has a large soliloquy which portrays a first glimpse of Machete’s character change. This is because Macbeth begins to discuss in his own mind how he would kill Duncan: Who should against his murderer shut the door, Not bear the knife myself…

Upon the sightless couriers of the air, Shall blow the horrid deed in every eye. ‘ Macbeth begins to show complete madness – which is a night Duncan is staying at the castle and the supposed ‘murder night’ and Macbeth begins to see a fake dagger in front of him, he hallucinates: ‘Is this a dagger that I see before me… A dagger of the mind, a false creation”. Shakespeare shows the changes in Macbeth mainly through his language in speeches and directional action. He also uses characters to manipulate his thoughts and opinions.

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