Examples of Conflict and Dialogues Assignment

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EXAMPLES OF CONFLICTS 1) A man stranded on an inhospitable island struggles to survive. Individual VS Nature 2) Teenagers try to overcome prejudiced opposition to locating a homelessness shelter in their community. Individual VS Society 3) A woman struggles to retrieve her child from a kidnapper. Individual VS Individual 4) An unwitting couple release an evil spirit from a trunk in the basement of their newly purchased home and must fight to survive its attacks. Individual VS Supernatural ) An elderly woman must decide whether to undergo a dangerous but necessary treatment for a serious medical condition. Individual VS Herself EXAMPLES OF DIALOGUE 1) “Slow down Bryan” shouted Tina as he ran fast towards the park “I want to play! ” He replied with excitement. “This is one of the nicest retirement homes I have ever seen” exclaimed Todd as his daughter wheeled him inside the calm quiet building. “It is isn’t dad? ” his daughter replied. 2) “Ugh Jason why would you do that? screamed Lisa “well she deserved it! ” shouted Jason “And why is that? ” “Cause she hit me first! ” “Well she is a girl and you are a boy and it’s different you don’t hit girls! ” “That’s it I will not tolerate this behavior! ” Principle Goldman sounded angry and very upset. Jenny sobbingly replied “Principle Goldman this will not happen again I promise” “Well either way I have no choice other then to suspend you for a couple days” “Please Principle Goldman anything but that? but his mind was made up and Jenny was going home for a while. 3) Jim whispered into Kim’s ear that he had got her a gift. Excited to see what it was, she patiently waited while Jim went to retrieve it. Jim came back with a little box and opened it revealing an engagement ring; Kim sobbed with happiness and hugged Jim. “This is one of the happiest days of my life! ” Sarah said with joy. Her mom and dad were renewing their vows. “I know mom and dad are so happy together after 13 years” exclaimed her sister Tracy.

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