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He was born July 21 1899 in Illinois and he died July 2 1961 in Idaho. Hemingway was one of the best authors and Journalist in America. He was the child of Clarence Hemingway, Clarence was a doctor and graduated from Rush Medical College and Grace Hall was an opera singer and they got married in October the first in 1896. His father shot himself in 1928 He grew up in a protestant middle class home in Oak Park, Illinois, outside of Chicago with his five siblings. In 1920 Ernest married Hadley Richardson and, went to live with her in Paris.

He eventually married four times. All his three later wives were talented reporters, he got three children with them, but he expected them to give up their careers when they married. His mother Grace had many concerts in the community and she wanted Ernest to learn the cello but he refused and became instead famous in what he likes to do. ‘ Author’s style Hemingway is known for being economical with his words, and he used many understatements and creating believable literary figures. Some examples of his work are “A farewell to Arms “He wrote it when it was the First World War and the book got published in 1929.

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The book is about romance between two people. Another example is “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place ” 20th century literature 20th century was a popular time of novels and a period of people who could write with creativity, as well as the works of several famous authors appeared during the period. James Jockey’s novel “Ulysses”, published in 1920 in Paris, was one of the most important events in literary modernism, Sinclair Lewis wrote a novel called “Main Street” and it got in the asses and another famous writer was Scott Fitzgerald. He wrote the famous novel called “The Side of Paradise” Ernest Hemingway By hermitage

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