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In this essay I will be writing to argue to what extend is Hopper to be blame for Kingship death. I personally think everyone seems to blame Hooper more of his death but I somehow disagree because everyone forgets that Miss Kingship and Mr. Hooper are so the cause of Kings haws death. When Hooper said” I didn’t what you to come here” this looks like a threat for a first time coming to you house therefore this made Kingship had some fear in him and had him thinking something awful may appended to him when he not less notice.

This making him more stress out and him freaking out and this contribute to that Kingship killing himself . Therefore this making Hooper responsible for his dead. However, think Kingship is sensitive but not stupid to go kill himself because of what as Hooper said. Even though is weak, he always try to fight and defend himself from Hooper. This showing that threat wouldn’t be the cause of death, making Hooper innocent.

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When hopper says something will happen to you” this makes kings haw more worried and scared and to me it looks like another threat and In conclusion, all the way through the novel find out Hooper have torture Kingship and his mom being selfish not knowing what is going on and thinking of how to be with Mr. Hooper. This tell me to some extent it Mr. Hooper and Mrs. kings haw on the other hand it mostly Hoper’s fault because he hurt and cause him grief In his life a due to that kings haw suicide himself.

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