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Encountering Conflict Essay #1 “It is through conflict that our true nature is revealed. ” Humans will always encounter conflict to the day we die and have had experienced what happens to society, when conflict develops. Conflict displays how ourselves’ experience changes and when we are striving to survive how we will influence other people to pursue the hope of surviving.

An understanding of the nature of conflict is acquired through close study of the extraordinary story ‘The Regulate of Mazda-E-Shari written by Ninja Mozart and Robert Hillman as well as the confronting story of ‘Prolepsis’ created by Marianne Satrap’. These texts reveal that inner conflict can be catcalled by conflict with the environment or others however an awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses can arise as a result of encountering this type of conflict.

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Conflict always escalates large enough to affect individuals, physically and mentally, with mixing positive and negative emotions towards society and their strong views and beliefs. If it is as minor as a dispute over ideas, to as big as individuals terrorizing a village for strong beliefs of religion. Conflict will not halt until lives are cost and the strongest of individuals fall. This can be determined from violence which was the decision chosen in World War 2 by Doll Hitler, who was a German Dictator that ruled Germany from 1935 – 1945.

Hitter’s decision of killing so many Jewish people was that he claimed that the Jews were a morally and culturally corrupting influence, in the Great Depression. As a result he gassed and killed six million Jewish individuals, which caused a great deal of conflict in survival and beliefs rapidly deteriorate for Jews. However, as found Mozart and Hillman story, the story presents he main character Ninja Mozart, a man that resolves conflict non-violently. If it is avoiding or hiding from the Taliban that protects his family and himself, it is the action and behavior he strives to follow.

From the overview of the Taliban and the Hazards in the book, they act as the world war conflict with the Taliban acting as the Nazis and the Hazards being the Jewish individuals embracing the pain and grief towards the village of Mazda-e-Shari. Ninja was a part of the Hazard, who were individuals that believed in education and strong morals. Even though the morals of he Hazard’s were quite low when the Taliban attacked their homes, it gave Ninja a motivation to stand up and focus on his families survival and how this was going to happen.

When individuals attempt to create a physical conflict, it is the sheer determination of mental belief shown by Ninja, which allows him to escape the deterioration and to depart to Australia where he is now distant from the ongoing conflict of the Taliban and the rest of Afghanistan. This relates to the prompt in how conflict develops, it is you as an individual that needs to change your mindset and capabilities to result in surviving or not. By Immurement

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