Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking Assignment

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Often conflict is looked upon as a negative experience that many refuse to take part in because of poor conflict management skills but if both parties are willing to sit down and talk, it can have a positive outcome. When conflict is dealt with correctly and successfully from the start, then there will be a greater understanding from each individual involved and an increased likelihood of unity and an improved relationship. “It strikes me as a bit more than ironic that theological education requires certification in Pastoral counseling but absolutely no training in conflict management. DRP. David Rosen. Research conducted by the Barn Group has revealed two stunning facts: (1) not only is the majority of the nation ‘s non-churched population comprised of people who consider themselves Christians, but that (2) about our out of ten of these stopped attending due to a “painful” or otherwise “negative” ordeal. Moreover, the problem is getting worse. Based on current “drop-out” rates, Barn projected that in 15 years church attendance nationally will be half of what it is today (Newborn, 2014).

Skills and practical learning tools for resolving the conflict are essential but according to Ken Sanded the author of” The Peacemaker: A biblical guide to Resolving Conflict ” and also the president of Peacemakers Ministries, as important as tools are the main focus has to be on “motive”. Why am I seeking resolution? Is it to prove am right or is it to really get to the heart of the matter and solve the issue? Many churches today are experiencing conflict as never before as more and more families are experiencing crisis in their lives and do not know how to handle it.

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Also the churches themselves are experiencing conflict within as more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with traditional services and are demanding more contemporary services, thus creating tension between the young and the old. Also they are facing the introduction f differing religions into their communities which then leads to conflict within that community. Here are some tips for handling various forms of conflict: 1 . Define the Problem and stick to the issue. Often in conflict we get lost in a host of other issues that seem to creep into the discussion.

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