Conflict in A Sound of Thunder and a Nordon excerpt Assignment

Conflict in A Sound of Thunder and a Nordon excerpt Assignment Words: 417

The grandfather’s intense focus on curing his blindness causes a wedge to form between him and is grandson. He doesn’t take the time to listen to what his grandson is saying because he doesn’t want to take away time that could be used to help himself. This is shown when the grandfather says, “slobber might work” (paragraph 2). He takes everything that the grandson says and tries to see if it could benefit him. In the grandfathers eyes, his grandson causes a problem for him because he is not helping to cure his blindness in any way.

The longer the grandson is present, the less time he can spend thinking up treatments that may cure his affliction. The randfather shows this in the exchange that occurs when the grandson makes a comment about what he does on the train, ‘”Will dancing cure blindness? ‘ I said, ‘It might. ‘ He said, ‘Go git me a Co-cola'” (paragraph 2). When the grandson says that it will not help cure the grandfather, he completely loses interest in the topic. In this way he is also very selfish.

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Eckles’ internal struggle, trying to prove that he is brave, causes the main conflict in “A Sound of Thunder”. If he did not have this internal issue, he would never have gone on the safari in the first place. The clerk teases and pressures him as he is paying for the journey; the clerk says that the “dinosaurs are hungry” (pg 2 paragraph 3). This comment is made to test Eckles and see if he is too afraid to go on the trip, but Eckles does not want to seem weak so gives in to the pressure.

Eckles constantly keeps Travis, the safari tour guide, on his toes. Eckles acts somewhat childish, which makes him argue even more with Travis. Eckles always needs to be told what to do and is scolded for his actions. After Travis’s long speech regarding how important it is o be careful in the past so as not to affect the future, the first thing Eckles does upon leaving the time machine is point his gun at a Pterodactyl.

Travis quickly reprimands Eckles, saying ‘”Stop that! Don’t even aim for fun… “‘ (pg 6 paragraph 1). In response, Eckles blushes and seems abashed for his actions, which shows his childlike qualities. He also causes bigger problems for Travis because he changes history and ruins Travis’ business.

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