Conflict, Decision Making, and Organizational Design Assignment

Conflict, Decision Making, and Organizational Design Assignment Words: 500

Now, five years later we are going the deployment route again. It seems to me that if we had used the evidence-based model we would not have deployed roles to a contract company that does not work US hours. Creativity is the ability to visualize, generate, and implement new ideas or concepts or new associates between existing ideas or concepts that are novel and useful (Helloing & Slouch, 2011, p 431). As per the text, this method helps identify problems and increase the quality of solutions to problems.

The best approach in creative decision-making for my employer to follow is to determine our blocks. As explained in our text, creativity is no longer optional; it is imperative. There are three types of blocks (1) perceptual (2) cultural and (3) emotional. Perceptual blocks include such factors as the failure to use all of the senses in observing, failure to investigate the obvious, difficulty in seeing remote relationships, and failure to distinguish between cause and effect (Helloing & Slouch, 2011, p 431).

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Most often when trying to resolve issues we are unable to see the problem from another person’s perspective. When a decision involves multiple participants, it is always important to understand the values, interest, and objective of the other parties. Solutions should encompass and satisfy as many objectives as possible and the inability to understand other department’s functions and values and interfere with the development of the solution.

This means that the staff in my department should understand how the transactions we process system affect other teams to ensure unfavorable outcomes does not occur. Cultural blocks includes a desire to conform to established norms, overemphasis on competition or conflict avoidance and smoothing, the drive to be practical and narrowly economical above all else, and a life that indulging in fantasy or other forms of open-ended exploration is a waste of time (Helloing & Slouch, 2011, p 431).

Emotional blocks include fear of making mistakes, fear and distrust of others, grabbing the first idea that comes along (Helloing & Slouch, 2011, p 432). There is a clear block against using feelings, intuitions, and emotions in business problem solving. There is no doubt that valuable insights and understanding come from taking an analytical approach. However, cues and ideas can also arise by admitting and examining feelings, intuitions, and emotions. Typically, we tend to overprint problems when it’s easier to not over complicate the issue and develop a simple way to complete the task.

Organizational design is the process of selecting a structure for the tasks, responsibilities, and authority relationships within an organization (Helloing & Slouch, 2011, p 432). As per the text, a company’s design influences communication patterns among individuals and teams and determines which person or department has the political power to get things done. An environmental factor that is currently been on the ropes since the market took a downturn in 2008. Many large companies such as Lehman Pros fell and we were able to gain market share in those down times.

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