Comparison of the Lion King and Shakespeare’s Hamlet Assignment

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Shakespeare died almost four hundred years ago, his poems still have a big Influence on the world today. ??Hamlet??D, one of Shakespeare??was tragedies, has been revised Into many different versions. It Inspired Walt Disney to write and produce ??accept Lion Klan??[l, a children??was version of ??Hamlet??CLC. There are a lot of similarities between the two stories, such as in ??Hamlet??CLC Claudia kills his brother, Old Hamlet, in order to take over the throne.

In ??cachet Lion King??C], Scar betrays his brother??was trust, lies and in the end kills him in order to become king. In the movie, there are many songs that are the modern translation from those in the original soliloquies in ??Hamlet??0. In ??Hamlet??ј, Claudia??was soliloquy can be compared to Scars song Be Prepared. Claudia soliloquy Is compared to Scar??was song ??e Prepared??o because they are both confessing about the king??was death. ??That cannot be, since I am till possessed of those effects for which I did the murder??0 (Act Ill, Scene Ill). This quote explains how Claudia killed the king, but wants to be forgiven yet he still wants the entire kingdom. ??No, fool??”we are going to kill him. And Samba too??C] (Be Prepared, Walt Disney)! Scar and his hyenas are planning the death of Muff’s and Samba. Claudia and Scar both have the same intentions when it comes to their brother??was death, and power of the kingdom.

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The uncles in both stories kill the king or their own personal gain in order to be under control and feel powerful. Even though Claudia and Scar becomes king, they arena??wit the true heir to the throne. Another instance between the play and the movie songs occurs in Hamlets ??cote be or not to be??0 soliloquy and in Samba??was song ??l Just can??wit wait to be king ??0. In Shakespeare??was tragedy ??Hamlet??C], Hamlet Is the rightful king but his uncle Claudia took over.

This Is similar In the Disney movie ??The Lion Klan??C] Scar kills is brother Muff’s. ??chubs conscience does make cowards of us all??[] (Act Ill, Scene I). Hamlet is talking about how being present and not doing anything about the situations will make people become cowards because they are standing by and watching it happen. Hamlet does something about the problem; he lets Claudia know that he knows the truth about how the king died. Goanna be a mighty king, so enemies beware??ј (l just can??wit wait to be king, Walt Disney).

In the song ??l Just can??wit wait to be king??ј, Samba is expressing his excitement about becoming the king. Things that are similar between Hamlet and Samba are that they both want power. They both are the rightful kings and someone has taken that right away from them. Some differences between to two are that Samba overcomes Scar and finally becoming the king he has always been. Hamlet on the other hand does overcome Claudia, but unfortunately does not become king. Both characters prevail over power-seeking uncles and, even though one dies, they become he king they

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