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Psychologists have long recognized that when we travel a particular mental route a second or third time, we often follow our earlier footsteps without realizing that we are doing so. What has been tried in the past and what is tried now to help prevent illegal immigration has not worked. What is needed to be known is why so the solutions tried will not be tried again; new solutions need to be tried. Also chose avoiding assumptions as to assume is to take something for granted, to expect that things will be a certain way because they have been that way in the past or because you want them to be that way.

It’s natural to make assumptions. It is assumed that the solutions that are in place will work when all one has to do is look around, kick up a newspaper or do an internet search. One can just pick up the phone for assistance and listen to another person struggle to speak English, I for one cannot understand what that person is trying to say and it is known that they do not understand you as well. If applying for citizenship, one should have to speak the native language.

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PART C The two assumptions from Chapter ten I had to be aware of to ensure that it did not interfere with my critical analysis is the assumption that others familiar with the problem or issue will share your enthusiasm for your idea as the more milliamp people are with a problem or issue, the more likely they are to have their own ideas. Many have their own ideas on how to solve the illegal immigration issue and might not think my ideas are all that great.

One might think my ideas are to harsh or not harsh enough. The other assumption that I chose was the assumption that if your idea is clear to you, it will be clear to others. Can have a clear picture in my mind of what is needed or wanted, to try and explain that to someone else could be as clear as mud to them. Stated in my essay that there should be no more food stamps for illegal migrants; some might think it means to starve them if they cannot find a job when that is not what I mean at all.

Things have to be harder for illegal immigrants to help get a handle on the issue; things cannot be so easy for them to not apply for a green card or citizenship. Footnotes 1 Complete PAP style formatting information may be found in the Publication Manual. Table I Type the table text here in italics; start a new page for each table [Insert table here] Figure Captions Figure 1. Caption of figure [Figures – note that this page does not have the manuscript header and page number.

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