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It uses wit, exaggeration and self-deprecating humor and often critiques social vice wrought light hearted humor. Some well-known examples that use gentle satire are often parodies of songs, movies or shows. Barbed satire laughs at the weak like political cartoons. The last main type of satire is savage, which is cruel and aims to destroy someone or something. It uses social evil through scorn, outrage and savage ridicule. It is mostly characterized by irony, sarcasm, moral indignation and personal incentive. Some works of the Chasers have been considered savage as well as some of the onion sketches.

Satire uses a number of elements to help portray their view across. Different elements can be categorized more commonly in barbed, gentle or savage satire. Irony is a commonly used element in satire pieces often like the use of puns or parodies. Savage humor sometimes utilizes the form of black humor which is a play on light hearted humor of a subject that is usually taken seriously. Juxtaposition and hyperbole are used mainly to add more humor to the piece by pointing out the obviously targeted demographics even more banter or additive statements.

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Satire has been a common literary text which combines humor and criticism. It’s believed that satire was around since 5 BC mainly in the forms of poetry. Horace and Juvenile roman satirists concretely established lineament of satire and in doing so applied huge influence over literary works. It is said that it is the roman structure of writing satire that has shaped the current and modern way of making satire. Roman satire split into 2 forms which exist merely to poke fun at a subject, and the other to set out to destroy and MultiMate its target.

Horace adopted the amusing form while Juvenile used the vitriolic humiliating satire. While Horace was fully against this type of satire, he discussed settling on milder more witty humor rather than the destruction of its victim, however didn’t change Juveniles mind. The onion’s armed gunman sketch is about the common robber type situation where if being held at gun point must assume the person wants money. In this situation instead Of wanting money the gunman wants a job at the bank.

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