Allegory Assignment

Allegory Assignment Words: 388

Just like in the allegory the citizens AR e not Ewing told the truth, in a sense that they are hidden in the cave and are chain deed to never see past ‘the shadows” shown to them. “Here they have been from their child hood, and have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them being prevented by the chain. ” (Socrates, page 1). North Koreans ability t o filter what their people can inquire about enables them to stay in control.

Since the re is a lack of natural wonder by the people the government is able to basically brainwash h their citizens to whatever the government told them and because of their kneeling moment it becomes their reality. The reason why North Korea will not let these people el eve the cave is that if they find the truth and reality it will spread throughout the citizen NSA igniting imagination giving their government less power over the people. The Allegory of the Cave also relates to other contemporary situations.

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Syria, has currently been in the midst of a civil war between the government and its pee people. Once again, the people are the prisoners and the government are the chains. In 201 1 people started protesting for the fall of their president, and the government respond deed back by mobbing neighborhoods and having snipers patrol to disperse the protesters. This is related to the allegory in a way that the government is trying to prevent the p people from leaving “the cave” through violence, and tries to hide the truth by using prop agenda on the people.

The government of Syria has become greedy for power, and is will nag to go the lengths of killing there own people to still be in control. “And those who g over ought not to be lovers of the task? For, if they are, there will be rival lovers, and they will fight. ” (Socrates peg. 5) Through this quote Socrates points out the corrupting force of rower. Like the USSR this drive for power was self destructive and lead to there own downfall. The government in Syria owns all the power, and uses it for themselves, and t o many others this is unfair.

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