Alas Babylon Characterization Assignment

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He was known as the ‘drunk bum’ before the attack, and now that he has stepped up, he is the ‘go – to guy’ in the town. He is becoming more of a father figure to Ben Franklin and Peyote. He would do anything for his family now. Not only his family, though, his whole community. He knows they are all somewhat leaning on him and he is becoming a leader and helping everyone around him. Helen * ‘This was something he had not said before, a fact she had not considered. Somehow it made her feel a bit better, yet she continued to argue, although spiritedly. “Still, I think my job is here. ” Page 66 * “I’m not counting on it, I’m just praying. If Mark is – alive – how long do you think it will be until we hear from him? ” Page 128 * ” ‘Don’t! ‘ She cried. ‘Don’t push me away! You’re Mark! You can’t deny it! You’re Mark! ‘ He struggled out of the chair, clamping her wrists, trying not to injure her. He knows that she was mad and he fought to control the panic within himself. ‘Stop it! ‘ He heard himself shouting. ‘Stop it, Helen! Stop it! I’m not Mark! I’m Randy! ‘ ” page 222 At first, when Mark tells Helen they have to o live with Randy, she thinks she belongs to stay with him.

She is very strong willed. Throughout the chapters, she starts to have more acceptances in what’s going on. She starts to see Randy as more of Peyote and Ben Franklins father figure. She sees him stepping up and becoming the man of the house. In the last quote, it shows that everyone has a breaking point. Helen stayed strong for as long as she could. When she started to doubt that Mark was still alive, she figured she would have to stay strong for herself and for the kids. However, she had her breaking point. She couldn’t take thinking the way she did anymore.

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She has developed a lot through the chapters we’ve read and she is probably going to keep developing through the whole book. Ben Franklin * ” ‘Don’t worry about us. We’ll be okay in Fort Repose. I’m worried about you. ‘ The boy’s eyes were filling. Ben Franklin was a child of the atomic age, and knowledgeable. ” Page 67 * ‘”Opening up the windows and doors downstairs. Just made it. Not a window broke. ‘” Page 97 * m- Do I hear any volunteers? ‘Me! ‘ said Ben Franklin. Rand’s first impulse was to say no. This wasn’t a job for a thirteen year old boy.

Yet Ben was as much as a man, or more, and he would have to do a man’s work. ” Page 184 Even from the beginning, you could tell Ben Franklin wanted to be a leader. Throughout the first couple of chapters, he helps around the house a lot. Towards the middle of the book, other than Randy, he is holding this family together. He wants to help with everything, especially since he knows what going on. He wants to be involved. Throughout the novel, he has been getting more and more involved and he is helping the family stay alive. He is definitely considered to be a child of the atomic age.

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