Adhering to a Style Guide Assignment

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You will ant your writing as well as your style guide to be proficient for your career Or academic writing. Following the appropriate guidelines helps you to assure that your work will be credible and give important information to your readers. The significance of a Style Guide A style guide creates and defines the standards for internal and external corporate documents. Employees with access to their company’s style guide use less hours writing editing, and correcting documentation.

A style guide reduces the expense of repetitive instructions and prevents costly errors. Discussion Question 4 What is the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing? How do you know when to use each properly in an academic paper? Paraphrasing entails writing from some else’s material, and putting them into your own words. Credit to the original source should be given when paraphrasing. Paraphrased writing is usually condensed as compared to the original writing, giving a bit wider meaning of the source, and shrinking it lightly.

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When attempting to put the main idea into your own words, this is called summarizing. Once again, it is necessary to attribute summarized ideas to the original source. Summaries are a lot shorter and more general of the writing than the original writing. When I am studying and I finish a key section of the material, I will usually try to write down what I understood from the material. Then I will go back and see if I was correct in my interpretation.

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