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We swing our power like a club and the world bides its time until our Ignorance strips us of our glory. Stack Abuse of power refers to the unwarranted use of authority. A person or group of people who abuse power, unjustifiably use their authority to exploit or harm those under their care or influence, or allow exploitation and perhaps harm to occur through lack of action. These powers can range in form, social position, physical strength, knowledge, technology, weapons, wealth, or the trust that others have in them.

It is evident from both history and in the current Edie, that people in places of power are often associated with misuse of their power. But does abuse of power lead to conflict? Or does conflict lead to abuse of power? One could say It goes both ways. The most ghastly abuse of power is quite possibly neglect of children. The mother and or father are in a position where they should be giving their child or children everything they possibly can, but instead choose not to. They take only for themselves, and leave nothing for their offspring.

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Michelle Unguent was charged with murdering her Infant daughter, Thy, by leaving her In a car In outer Melbourne on a tot November day. It was said that she had repeatedly left the child in her car, sparking arguments with her own mother regarding the level of care she was exerting for Thy. Michelle was in a place of power, she was responsible for the well- being of her offspring, but yet she abused her power, leading initially to conflict with her mother and ultimately, the death of her little girl.

Quite often we see religious ministers misuse power for their own personal pleasure. In Australia there are over 100 cases where Catholic priests have been charged for ex offences against minors! The misuse of social position, physical strength and trust have been used on numerous occasion for the religious leaders to sexually satisfy themselves. The victimized children would feel uncomfortable and violated, if they were old enough to understand that It was wrong.

Bishops and Cardinals abused their position to protect the priests, to save the churches Image. They simply moved the priests on to a new place of practice rather than naming and shaming, allowing the exploitation to continue. At no point did any of the people in places in rower step forward to protect the children. No one wanted to prevent future conflicts by creating and uproar at the time when minors most needed it. They abused their power to allow the abuse of other powers to continue, they encouraged the conflicts.

TLS causes a conflict within the child as they grow up, they may question their own self worth and they could potentially become mentally and emotionally unable to function properly in a sexual relationship. Not only has the trust of the child been violated, the parents and guardians who willingly placed their loved one n their care have been let down and their trust, also, been broken. This particular abuse of power is one that creates further conflict by limiting the amount of trust people will put into churches and people of religious order, particularly those of Catholic denomination. rower to disadvantage someone else. Over the course of Sadism’s 42 year reign, he kept his family placed in high national political standing. He gave his oldest son the job of becoming a dominant face of telecommunications, while another son was the head of national security. Caitiff was a nepotism; misusing his power to give advantage to his family, rather than those of the general public. In a sense, he disadvantaged the country by having a heavily weighted national political front to people who share his opinion.

Everyday people use their power to exploit others for personal gain. We see it in many forms, but one that is quite distinct is human trafficking. Human trafficking is the trade in which humans are used sexually exploited or are used for forced labor ad sometimes for marriage. It is clearly an abuse of wealth, they take advantage of people in poverty. The victims simply cannot but their way out of it, especially if they are trafficked to pay of a debt. Human traffickers abuse the power of wealth. They create conflict with the law and the human race.

They break the unwritten rules of humaneness, by seeing people simply as commodities and then denying them their basic human rights. Money is power. Book Harm is a clear example where power is abused. These people were not allocated their power, they stole it. They pressured their way into a negative place of rower through violence and the infilling of fear. They have explicitly stated they Will sell women’. They have not only misused their power of wealth and weapons, he has greatly abused the asset of his illegally gained women.

If this group of men are not pursued and made accountable, what message does it send to the world about the value of women if they get away with it? Not a very good one obviously, women in these countries are generally treated as objects, and breeders. They are often promised to older men at young ages and sometimes before birth. Most are unable o do anything of their own desire but rather only as their husband wishes, and if he is denied, he may do whatever he so chooses to punish her.

The fact that a large number of young girls were taken without anyone speaking a word upon the occurrence of the crime; simply supports the general ideals of this particular culture, women aren’t worth more than simply a sum of money. These men are allowing the rest of the world to look upon their actions and feel a certain amount of disgust, if they are not found and or punished, people internationally will start to worry, enduring where it is safe to be anymore. Thus there is a conflict.

Their abuse of the power of money, weapons and assets creates a conflict of security. Abuse of power and conflict go hand in hand. Whether it be abuse of power causing conflict, or the conflict leading to the abuse of power. People misuse their power everyday. The power of trust, money, assets, weapons and the like. It happens in everyday life, and our history as a race is littered with it. We use our power to our advantage and we exploit others. Sometimes we turn a blind eye, using our power to cause the conflict.

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