Forensic Science Assignment

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Questions Visit Flasher and watch the video 1 . What was Willingham charged with? What happened to Willingham? He was charged with arson and murder which he was later executed for. 2. Why did investigators believe that an accelerate had been used at the scene? Investigators believed that an accelerate was used because they saw burn marks along the floor. 3. What experiment did fire Investigators do? What did it show? They lit a couch on fire to see what happens. It turned out to do the same thing even though they did not SE any arson things. . Why do you think the Willingham case Is Important? I think this case was very important because with out it we would not know as much about arson and test to prove it. Visit LIB’S and watch the video 1 . What new advance does the video discuss? Why would this be useful to investigators? LIB’S is what the video discusses. This would be useful to help with organic and inorganic items to find out if one has relation to one at a crime scene. 2. What was did law enforcement officials want the researcher to examine?

They anted the researcher to examine wood from a crime scene to that of a suspects tree to see if it was the same. 3. What does LIB’S stand for? What does this do? LIB’S stands for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. It shows what something Is made of. 4. What did the analysis uncover about the wood? They found out that the wood had the same “fingerprint” to the one on the tree. 5. Are you surprised that plants can be linked to particular places? Why or why not? No I am not surprised that a plant can be linked to particular places because they are all a little different just like us.

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