Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice Assignment

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The plot of most of these films echo mainstream Hollywood fare shown from a black perspective. Notes on Black Film and Black Filmmakers * In 1910, Bill Foster made a short film called The Railroad Porter. * George and Noble Johnson established the first known black film studio.

It was called the Lincoln Motion Picture Co. In Los Angels. * The Michaels Book and Film Company took over where Lincoln left off when it produced its first film, The Homesteader and followed the following year with Within Our Gates * During the Harlem Renaissance, the Colored Players Film Corporation of Philadelphia used all black casts to produce a series of films. * The first period was to promote the contribution of blacks in the world of film, and to prove to the world that blacks were capable of making films.

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Film: “one Down, -row to 60”-1976 Being that I don’t normally like older movies, this movie was actually pretty good. To me, it showed how white people acted towards black people still even after slavery. Blacks were still mistreated. I think this movie was a Palpitation film because the star of the movie was indeed black and instead of the normal, black men sees and white men live, stereotype, it was completely reversed.

It was a Palpitation because the Black man in the movie even had white women as girlfriends. They also ended up with power and strength at the end of the movie. The movie definitely was not stereotypical though. Comparing the movie to what I read would also show that this movie portrayed every strength of a black person and didn’t downgrade them at all. I’m glad that Palpitation films continued to give blacks equal roles in movies today. Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice By entertainer

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