Criminal justice trends evaluation Assignment

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Past Trends As we all know, we all rely on the criminal Justice system to protect us as a immunity, and to also enlighten us about what is going on within our communities. Lets face it, every citizen wants to be safe in knowing that he or she can safely walk the streets without facing some type of threat to his or her life. To begin with, the criminal Justice system is a field that will forever evolve. As technology changes, so will the criminal Justice system. The main goal of the criminal Justice system is to protect and serve the community.

In order to do so, the criminal Justice system must be able aware and knowledgeable as to what is going on in society. The criminal justice system has changed as a whole. In today’s world, the focus is more on the protection and equality of it’s citizens. According to America’s System Of Criminal Justice (1967), [Any criminal Justice system is an apparatus society uses to enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community. It operates by apprehending, prosecuting, convicting, and sentencing those members of the community who violate the basic rules of group existence.

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The action taken against lawbreakers is designed to serve three purposes beyond the immediately punitive one. It removes dangerous people from the community; it deters others from criminal behavior; and it gives society an opportunity to attempt to transform lawbreakers into law-abiding citizens. What most significantly distinguishes the system of one country from that of another is the extent and the form of the protection it offers individuals in the process of determining guilt and imposing punishment](Para. 3).

In earlier times technology was not as advanced as it is now. There were no such things as patrol cars, radio’s or many other advantages that officers have now. In earlier times officers were required to patrol by foot in order to protect the community. However, citizens felt much safer in earlier times. It was almost as though safety was the least of their worries. Citizens could leave home with their door unlocked, they could trust their neighbors, as so they also had very close relationships with law enforcement. However, in addition, policing has changed in many ways.

Criminals were often given many harsh consequences for their actions. Often times many of the consequences resulted in the removal of body parts which often resulted in death. In today’s world, individual in stead of placing the criminal behind bars. Furthermore, the demand for technology was not as high because crime was little to none. The advantage of having officers patrol the community by foot allowed law enforcement and citizens to come together, and get to know one another which is one of the reasons why there was less crime.

In today’s world, with officers having greater advantages of technology, it is almost as though the citizens view law enforcement as the enemy, making law enforcement one of their main targets. Present Trends The criminal Justice system has drastically changed. In today’s world, officers have patrol cars, have more strict rules to follow, and the community has the advantage of being able to call for help at any time. This has changed communities drastically because it has helped to deter crime. This evolution has changed how law enforcement is viewed in society.

In today’s world, there is a stronger rapport between officers and the community. There is a stronger layer of trust as so it is a stronger belief that officers do indeed strive to protect the citizens within the community and not hurt them. In turn, this increases the chances that citizens in the immunity will pitch in to work hand in hand with law enforcement in their fight to deter crime. Simply put, the stronger the level of trust, the easier it is for citizens to talk and help law enforcement with any information they need to solve a crime.

The criminal Justice system is still seeking methods as a means of trying to prevent crime. There are many advantages of technology today, that has helped law enforcement to deter crime. Advantages such as Fingerprinting, Eye scan, surveillance cameras, and Gaps has all helped law enforcement to catch criminals and lock them away. Such advantages helps law enforcement to be more successful in ending reliable information needed to consider a criminal guilty of an accused crime. Surveillance cameras can now be found in stores, schools, and within the community.

However, these advantages does not deter crime as a whole because the greater technology gets, the more criminals attempt to find ways of attempting to defeat the criminal Justice system. Those types of advantages also makes it faster for law enforcement to catch criminals without making a mistake of identity. According to “Technology & Forensics” (2013),[T[The Justice community uses many forms of technology and forensic science techniques to assist in crime prevention, intervention, and response.

Examples include body armor, information technology such as data analysis and mapping tools, radios, records management systems (ARMS), closed circuit television (CATV), license plate recognition (ALP) systems, and DNA evidence examination]ara. 1). Policing has become more strict. However, with strict policing, it can sometimes result in a harder fight for officers to catch criminals. In turn, there must be sufficient evidence in order to consider a criminal guilty. In today’s time, policing is now made to protect the people from unfair treatment against law enforcement.

Before law enforcement can attempt to make an arrest, there are certain laws he or she must follow, and certain precautions that law enforcement must take. According to “The u. s. Criminal Justice History Resource Page” (2013), [H[However, at the end of the 17th Century, William Penn began to promote reform in the Criminal Justice system and helped to see these changes implemented. After the American Revolution, the U. S. Constitution was created which the starting point to setting guidelines for crimes, punishment and procedures that need to be followed to protect the rights of the innocent]ara. 1).

Future Trends In addition, the criminal Justice systems strives hard to follow through with it’s mission, even in a changing society. Just as much as law enforcement strives to protect it’s people, the people themselves fight hard to defeat the criminal Justice system. However, this is not something that can be done over night. Just like with anything else, it requires team work, dedication and straightening. Law enforcement works even harder to change how they are viewed by society. This has come a long way. Law enforcement has come from being honored and viewed as hero’s, to now being viewed as the enemy.

The criminal Justice system knows that it’s main purpose is to protect the citizens. Technology has greatly contributed to this attempt. In turn the community and the criminal Justice system must all work together in doing so. The criminal Justice system will only continue to grow stronger because there are so many people who depend upon the criminal Justice system for their safety. In conclusion In conclusion, the criminal Justice system has greatly changed and evolved over time. According to “The U. S. Criminal Justice History Resource Page” (2013), [T[The Criminal Justice system has come a long way from the early days.

The Criminal Justice system in the United States date back to colonial days when the citizens were subject to the laws and rules of the British. Many times the laws and subsequent punishment were not always fair and Just]ara. 1). Policing and technology has a lot to do with these changes. The criminal Justice system has changed somewhat for the worst, but mostly for the better. Nevertheless, the goal and urgency of protecting the community and it’s citizens has not changed, but has only gotten stronger to fulfill. Technology will only cause improvements with the fight to deter crime.