Criminal Justice Major to Pursue a Career in Law Assignment

Criminal Justice Major to Pursue a Career in Law Assignment Words: 430

I might later become interested in digital forensic s or being some type of judge. 2) A friend of the family, Judge Reginald graduate of University of Miami WI the a degree in law, taught me about the system and encouraged me to pursue a career in this fie old due to my deep, growing interests. I took his recommendation under consideration. Many people believe that the workload of a lava. N. Year is a bit exaggerated. Ill. There’s tons of reading involved, of course due to the simple fact that you are required to learn every aspect of the law. A) The readings consists of endless rules and regulations intended for your institution of knowledge.

B) This course helps the development of not only speaking but reading as well, that is if you’re doing what you’re supposed to. Having a degree in criminal justice will guide me through all the courses need deed to prepare me for my future career as a lawyer. IV. There are so many careers that you can choose from within the criminal jug stick program. A) Paralegal: Someone who is trained in subsidiary matters; but not yet quo lifted to fill a lawyers shoes. The calculated wages for this positions varies between $38, 720 $53,010 in the state of Florida.

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C) Federal Judges: People trained to resolve matters within the U. S. Federal I courts, dealing with both civil and criminal cases. All of these positions (including a defense attorney) require the following: Appropriate and documented training. Certification from a bar association Mock trial practice An undergraduate degree All of which can be accomplished with the proper education here at Santa Fee College. In order for me to be able to qualify for this position, I will need to absorb the fitting knowledge and skill recommended by the program that will help me advance to the next level

V. Conclusion A) By investing my time in a higher education with my degree in criminal jug stick, I can progress in my preferred field and achieve my greatest dream. This program I s highly competitive and need whatever it takes to rise to the top. Law schools only a Accept the best Of the best and I want to be included in that critical decision. B) In closing, believe that this school, along with its program is definitely w Roth the time and investments for preparing me for my upcoming career and written recognition n of me finishing out my degree with a major in criminal justice.

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