Animal Rights Assignment

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In a preachers community view, animal testing is a necessary Pratt ice because animals are not our equals. They support this position by stating that humans retrieve their survival above animals which makes it justifiable for animal testing and arrears Chi. Research and testing have become more prominent and a larger concern for many people n the public due to the treatment of animals. Every year there are thousands of animals that are killed to discover new information for medical experiments and cosmetic research.

It is clear the at animal testing is inhumane but with proper care and with certain rules and regulations, there c an be ways to research and experiment on animals in a more humane way. Today our world is becoming less conscious of the pain and suffering we are flitting on animals. As humans, we are given the responsibility to care for this earth and all that comes with it including the animals. It is our duty to care for the animals and to treat the m respectfully when handling them or dealing with them.

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We must set certain guidelines for human NSA to follow when we are using animals for experimentation, food, and clothing. If these guideline SE were not met for example, a chicken is stuffed into a cage with 7 other chickens and not let out of its cage to roam free, then the person in charge or liable for that would receive a large if e. We need to 2 punish those who disregard the terms and hold them accountable for their AC actions. Animals are vulnerable and often defenseless so it is our responsibility to assure them wit h a certain amount of rights. People have been experimenting on animals for thousands of years now.

Ann. mall are often exposed to new types of vaccinations or pharmaceutical drugs for media cal research before they are administered to humans to ensure that if used on humans it would c cause no tremendous harm. Animals are used in research and experimentation to ensure that media cal research is advancing and that it is safe for humans to use. Animal experimentation impair eves medicine, serves as a better alternative than human experimentation, and is an efficient method to use since animals are genetically similar to humans. Animal testing has benefited humans in advancing human health.

In the early 20th century, thousands of children were dying from polio because there was no v cocaine to fight against it. However, history took a turn for the better because in the early 195 Co’s a scientist found a promising vaccine that saved thousands of lives but this was all became use of animal testing. Newly developed vaccines are always dangerous and sometimes risks the lives of the first experimental subjects, in this case animals. Animal testing has allowed SC entities and doctors to test new vaccines on animals to ensure that they will be safe when they are administered to humans.

By studying and analyzing the effects of vaccination s on animals, the experiments can determine whether the vaccines are okay for humans to use. Through the use of animal testing, scientists have found vaccines for illnesses such as polio, small pox, and a number of other life threatening diseases. Although research was conducted n animals it was only deemed safe after animal experimentation. 3 Scientists also believe animal testing serves as a better alternative than using humans for subjects in medical research experiments.

Supporters of animal testing claim that alternative testing cannot replace animal experimentation. Mathematical models are an option but they do not offer the same reaction because they are not living organisms. Computers are also another option for testing but they can only work in storing information and processing g what might be the outcome. Unfortunately, scientists can only learn certain outcomes by SST wing it on live animals. It is clear that animal testing is cruel, but it is also very necessary for humans.

Animal testing is necessary for humans to advance in medicine but there should be c retain rights that the animals do have when being tested on. For example, if a rabbit was being test De on for perfume, the animal should receive an anesthetic so it will not feel pain if it has a bad re action. In the end, animal testing is the only choice because in most medical situations, there are not any other alternatives. Testing on animals is the most efficient way to conduct research or human drugs and it is also the best alternative to human testing as well.

Researchers believe that testing on animals should be done because humans and animals are genetically similar and testing on animals will give scientists and research SE the closest thing to accurate results. Many people including some who oppose cruelty to anima alls believe that animals lack the intelligence and mental capabilities humans have which make SE it appropriate for humans to test on them. It is clear animals can feel pain and they do have me action which makes it a problem when testing occurs in an inhumane way or manner.

The human and animal bodies are both complex but are both genetically similar. In particular studies that in evolve chimpanzees, scientists came to the conclusion that humans and animals have many similar ties. In most cases, there should be guidelines to how the animals are treated when being dealt w tit in animal 4 studies. It is clear that chimpanzees are intelligent creatures and can read all Eng with feel emotion, then they should also have a limited amount of rights. Any creature that humans can see emotion from should have a certain extent of rights.

From chimpanzees to sq relies, it is clear hat these animals need to be treated with respect when they are being studio De or tested on. There are many people who claim that animal testing is too expensive because e the money needed in order for the lab, scientists, animals and tools, all cost thousands a ND thousands of dollars. The National Institutes of Health spend billions of dollars of money on its animal research and testing program. If society was to ban animal testing and use at her alternative testing, it would cost the same amount or even more.

Any type of testing woo old still be expensive because the cost for the lab, scientists, subjects, and tools would all be the same. Some people say that animal testing is inhumane and that it should be completely e eliminated because animals should be entitled to the same rights as humans. Many people in socio TTY believe that scientists should not be able to test on animals because they cannot speak of r themselves or defend themselves against us humans. Others also say that animals are not o ours to eat, experiment on, or wear.

However, for many people our own survival is more c racial than those of animals which justifies the reason as to why researchers experiment on ann. mall. Although there are many ways scientists experiment on animals, there are also plenty o humane ways in which scientists and researchers can practice or test their animal subjects. If we do not use animals for subjects in research experiments, our results would end up ionic irate and we could potentially use and waste a lot more time and money that society needs. Since e animals are the most similar creatures to us, experimenting on them is necessary but in a huh mane manner. Because of animal testing, scientists have discovered life changing drugs. Ann. mall testing is crucial to our survival because it has made amazing contributions to our he lath and to the future. Animal testing works because animals and humans have many genetic similarities. Many supporters of animal testing claim that if animal testing was banned, a lot oft he contributions such as medications and procedures, to science and health that we have today y would not exist because most research done is through animal testing and the developing of future treatments would be extremely limited.

Animal testing is crucial to our Ongoing advance meets in health and in science because they are the only living option that are genetically similar. Animal testing should not be stopped because it has helped contribute to society for many c entries breaking through highly contagious diseases and making life changing drugs for extra me illnesses. Although animal testing should not be stopped, that does not mean it should happen in a cruel and inhumane way.

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