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Acquiring old technologies. Achieve economies of scales in production. Complementary products to broaden the product line Opening up new markets. Which of the followings is (are) sources of capital for entrepreneurs? Equity II Debit Ill Leasing All of the listed options. only Which of the following sequences is used by a company when they are analyzing global expansion decisions? Answer Investigation of overseas market, review, primary data collection secondary data collection, and entry Investigation of overseas market, primary data collection secondary data collection, review and entry.

Investigation of overseas market, review, secondary data collection, primary Investigation of overseas market, secondary data collection, primary data Which of the following is a true statement about raising capital? Answer It often takes a great deal of time. Capital is easy to get. All capital is raised through debt sources All capital is raised through formal sources Which of the followings is a key aspect to be considered in an effective succession? Answer The entrepreneur’s vision the marital status of the replacement The family’s wants and needs The profitability of the venture

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When securing a bank loan an entrepreneur should be prepared to answer which of the following questions except? Answer When do you need it? What is the price of your product? Why do you need it? What do you need it for? Which of the followings is an advantage of licensing? icensor needs to manage the relationship with the licensee. Licensor has easier access into a new market compared to starting a new foreign venture. Licensee must meet their contractual obligations to the agreement. Licensee may become a future competitor. A disadvantage of debt financing is elinquishment Of ownership. ossible cash flow enhancement. regular interest payments. inhibition of growth and development due to equity investments. Short-term debt is paid back after sales. in one year. whenever there is money. in six months. Analyse the challenges in a family business. Decisions based on emotion II Family emphasizing on harmony Ill Decisions based on facts and figures. Which Of the followings are disadvantages for a Singapore franchisor to set up a franchise in a Third World country? I The level of intellectual protection. II The lack of quality managers. Ill The acceptability of products.

IV The ability to find good franchisee II, Ill & I, Ill & IV I, II & Ill All of the listed options Not sure about this Which of the followings would be a benefit gained by financial sources from a business plan? Answer Particular amounts of funds are promised to the evaluators. The proper grammar of the plan is effective reading. The venture’s ability to service debt or provide an adequate return on equity is illustrated. The project concept. Equity capital is paid back within one year. paid back after five years. nota loan but a form of stock. oans from family. Which one of the followings is not an advantage of global sourcing?

Answer Lower trade tariffs. Lower labour cost High-cost raw materials Meeting increased demand in the market The managerial successor typically is not interested in effective use of resources. efficiency. internal control. creativity . Answer Which of the followings is not an example of pressures or interests from within a family run business that are considered in the succession issue? pressure on the owner/manager to designate an heir employee wanting a percentage of the business in the owner’s will ivalry among various branches of the family pressure from a family member to start his/her own business.

Discuss the critical factors in business planning. Milestones Specific profit goals Flexibility Realistic goals One of the advantages of public offerings is requirements. liquidity. disclosure. costs. When starting a business, which of the following sources of financing are least likely to be used? Answer Trade credit Factoring Leasing companies nsurance companies Which is an important question for the entrepreneur to ask when evaluating the venture capitalist?

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