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To lead discussions, share research and information and demonstrate best practices regarding technology so that it can be used to benefit children 0-8 years. Www. Disenfranchisement. Org/ I INNER State of Preschool Yearbook- The 2007 State Preschool Yearbook is the fifth in a series of annual reports profiling state-funded preponderating programs in the United States. Http://inner. Erg/yearbook/ I New York State Preschool Planning Guide – The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to those responsible for planning and implementing programs for young children including those funded under the universal pre-kindergarten (UPS) legislation. Www. Mess. NYSE. Gob/CIA/pub/ preaches . PDF I Positive Approaches to Challenging Behavior tort Young Children Witt Early Childhood Behavior Project – The purpose of this website is to discuss positive behavioral supports for young children who engage in challenging behavior.

The information on this web site is intended to help families, caregivers, and service providers: understand why a particular behavior may occur; help service providers develop intervention strategies for organizing environments to decrease the possibility of challenging behaviors in young children; and help families and service providers to learn more about strategies to support children with challenging behaviors. Http://www. Ceded. Mum. Dude/cede/publications/tipsiest/ prehistorically/tips. UDF I Read to Me – This program offers a hands-on series f activities and supervised practice sessions that guide caregivers and parent’s to read with their babies. The purposes of READ TO ME are to: 1. Offer reading as a resource for pleasure, tips, and psychological insights; 2. Stimulate imaginations and initiate early literacy education; and 3. Improve the potential for healthy parent-child relationships. Http://www. Retrograding. Org/index. HTML I The Science of Early Child Development – An online resource for teachers of young children focused entirely on the science of child development.

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This resource presents modules, each focused on specific areas of child development, including developmental health, brain development, genetics and experience, coping and competence and communication and learning. Http://www. Confidence. Com I Teaching Our Youngest – A Guide for Preschool Teachers and Child Care and Family Providers – This booklet draws from scientifically based research about what you can do to help children to develop their language abilities, increase their knowledge, become familiar with books and other printed materials, learn letters and sounds, recognize numbers, and learn to count.

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