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Political self-interest In Astrakhan a lot of politician that abuse their position. They are do everything to the own interests. One of the main problems in Astrakhan is corruption. All levels of the social society rotten corruption. Nowadays in Astrakhan to solve problem as place In hospital or school, not enough only be rich, you must have a connection with public officials. Otherwise you will have to Walt a long time. For example In 2004 Transparency International averted Astrakhan 122 place (which was shared with a ewe other countries), the level of corruption in the list of 146 countries.

The total score of Astrakhan equals 2. 2 out of 10 (though the score below 3 is “rampant corruption”) “Corruption is like an infection, it is deadly virus, it has ruined more than one state” words of famous Khaki scientist Backbit Autonomy. Corruption has grown to such proportions that began to represent a serious threat to national security. It undermines the foundation of the State and citizens’ trust in the government itself eventually threatening the country’s existence as an independent state. They are always crying for money.

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It has been seen officers who intended to solve the problems of corruption are becoming be corrupt. Our leaders are also no less corrupt. For example:Several international Nooks have accused the Nazarene(president of Astrakhan) government In creating volleyballs Into the empty anti-corruption activity. Despite the chairmanship of COSEC, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in 2010, some activists in the country and abroad say that it was a minimum of effort in solving the problems of “violation of human rights” and “widespread corruption”.

Thus, the net proceeds of corruption, as usual, and is not stopping. Actually corruption always exist everywhere, And the question is not so much to get rid of this problem (apparently human nature will not achieve this), and to reduce the rate of corruption to the minimum level as possible,so the resistance to this socially unacceptable phenomenon the task of the state, society and every citizen. Steps must be taken to change the situation as a whole. Statements about the property and assets of public servants is mandatory and routine and surprise inspections and raids will be conducted at regular intervals.

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