Personal Finance: Bankingassignment Assignment

Personal Finance: Bankingassignment Assignment Words: 275

Personal Savings Is if you want to earn more Interest with your balance amount. A custodial savings Is If you want to begin saving for your child’s future. C. List three facts about checking account options at the bank or credit union you chose. (3 sentences. 1. 0 points) You can have a debit card with your checking account! You can also view your account balance online! And you can also do direct transfer! Along with paperless statements! D. Does this bank or credit union offer online banking? (0. Points) Yes It does! E. Would you be likely to choose this as your bank or credit union?

Why or why not? List at least two reasons for or against choosing this bank or credit union. (3-6 sentences. 2. 0 points) I would choose this bank, simply because it has a high security and many varieties of different kinds of accounts. This bank seems like a bank for me, with the easy sign-up and different options you have. Bank of America is a popular bank, and very helpful. The only kind of account I would possibly have would be a savings account. 2. Visit the website of a second large national bank, regional bank, or credit union, a.

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And you can’t go wrong with using both anyway;says! D. List at least two non-discretionary expenses listed on the bank statement or check register. (1-2 sentences. 1. 0 points) Galaxy Hair Salon, and Main Street Cinema. E. List at least one discretionary expense listed on the bank statement or check register. (1-2 sentences. 0. 5 points) Grocery World. F. Describe at least one challenge of keeping a check register.

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