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Score: behavior of learning that specializes on the study of economic activities on the aggregates level. 2. That are the main two factors 3. 4. Influences that determine the performance of an economy. Revolutionized economic thought in clearly outlining how the government can intervene in the recurring business cycle. 5. Refers to the total goods and services that the household the firm, the government and the rest of the world intend to buy in the economy. 6. Policy of the state that influence the change in demand and u apply in the economy. . Refer to the total production intention in the economy or total national output that the productive sectors of the economy willingly produce and sell during a given period. 8. Level of output of an economy found in the intersection point between demand aggregate and supply aggregate. 9. Total market value of all goods and services produced in the economy in one year. 10. Number that results in dividing the current price level by a given base year price level. 11. World in calculating national output. 12. Method used by the free periodic ups and owns of the economy. 3. -??general increase in the price of goods and services. 14. _generally characterized by a aggregate supply resulting to a general build-up of unwanted inventory resulting to widespread unemployment. 15. Lowest point of business cycle resulting in the lowest level of business cycle. 16. When real GAP is growing rapidly and unemployment has fallen. 17. Aggregate business condition slow, real GAP growth falls and way even turn negative. 18. Most ideal stage in the economic cycle. 19. When aggregate activity completely recovers from the previous slowdown. 20. Vela of employment that result from efficient use of labor force after making allowance consistent with information cost. 21 . An increase In the general level of price expected by most decision makers on the economy. 22. Are fiscal policies that automatically promotes budget deficit during recession and surpluses during boom. 23. Condition in the economy where a significant number by labor force is out-of-work. 24. People are temporary out-of-work but are sure to have work very shortly. 25. Believes tax changes affect productivity and so can increase equilibrium output in the long run.

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