Time and Nanotechnology Assignment

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Do you believe in technology? Or do you think that all inventions of scientists are worthwhile for humanity? Of course, lots of these inventions are helpful and useful. Also, some of them have created new periods in past. They played a big role for coming modernity. However, there are some inventions that seem very effective but they have brought new problems for humanity and environment. Especially, at the beginning of an invention, people don’t realize that it will become big problem.

Nowadays, people are taking notice of this kind of things. Nanotechnology is one of these inventions which are needed to be discussed from point to point. Today, there are some people who believe that nanotechnology is dangerous; however some scientists think that nanotechnology has great benefits because it helps people to invent new things for the future. Nanotechnology is a huge area which gives opportunity for other technologies to create better products. With the benefits of nanotechnology, it will be easy to develop new things.

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First of all, I want to explain a little bit what nanotechnology is. Nanotechnology is taking up the control of matter on a molecular scale. It deals with very little structures which is 100 times smaller. At this scale, properties of products can be changed, giving one the ability to create new things such as create more precise, cleaner, better, stronger and more durable products. For example, today, there are some kind of battery which is produced with nanotechnlogy, much more durable than before.

In addition, in the future, it will be easy to invent new products and machines because nanotechnology will play vital role on manufacturing. According to Angelo (2007), “Nanotechnology promises to fundamentally change the way materials and devices will be produce in the future” (pp. 256). This can be change the future totally. Nanotechnology has contributed so much to advances in many different areas. Lots of technologies are affected from new developments in nanotechnology because these developments open a new period for others.

Medicine is the most important area which is affected from nanotechnology. Today, there are some diseases which have not any treatment and cause lots of death. To illustrate, cancer is one of these diseases. But with the usage of nanotechnology in cancer treatments, scientists found a way to treat people. Also, it looks to be more developments on medicine in the future. Another important area is electronics. Like nanotechnology, electronics is very important area for new developments. Nanotechnology has contributed so much to electronics. According to Miller et al. 2004), Nanotechnology has effect on the electronic tools and systems and it is getting possible to develop on computer processing, memory and data storage and demonstration technology (pp. 24). With the usage of nanotechnology, there are lots of materials which are very small, strong and faster than before. The last important area is textile industry. New developments of nanotechnology also play vital role on this industry. Today, new textile products are more durable to heat, UV ray and chemicals because of the changing the structure of products. In addition, it seems to be more advance in the future.

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