Study of Solubility Equilibrium Assignment

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According to the El Chatterer’s principle the position of the equilibrium of potassium hydrogen treated will shift to the left to counter the increase in the concentration of potassium ions. The shift to the left of the equilibrium removes the potassium ions by making more potassium hydrogen treated. Hence, the solubility of potassium hydrogen treated decreases. The concentration of treated ions would also decrease as they react with the potassium ions. This is termed the common ion effect and in this case it is caused by the autism ions in both potassium nitrate and potassium hydrogen treated.

Even so the solubility product of the solution would not be affected by any other ions or compounds in the solution (Laird,2009). The solubility product calculated from the experimental data varies due to errors during execution of the experiment. One possible error is the fluctuation of the room temperature during the experiment. The experiment was executed over 5 hours and the room temperature fluctuates room morning to noon. It is clear from Section 1 of the experiment that temperature greatly part of the experiment is 0. MM and the concentration of Noah used in the second part of the experiment is 0. MAMMA. A different concentration is used in the second part as the common ion decreases the solubility of potassium hydrogen treated. Hence, smaller amount of hydroxyl ions is needed to neutralize the treated ions in the solutions. The lower concentration of Noah used will provide a more accurate result during titration. Conclusion The solubility product of potassium hydrogen potassium treated is affected by temperature and increases as the temperature increases.

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Common ion effect affects he solubility of potassium hydrogen treated but not the solubility product. This is because the entire equilibrium shifts to the left when a common ion is present in the solution. References Chemical dynamics (n. D).

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