Redox Area Lab Report Assignment

Redox Area Lab Report Assignment Words: 470

Potassium Iodide: Small white granular compound with visible crystalline Truckee. No odor present. Zinc Mossy: Dull silver pieces with irregular shape. Some pieces are flatter then others. No odor detected, Iodine and Water mixture: Crushed iodine still visible in water. Over color of mixture changed from clear to clear with orange amber hue. Iodine and Mineral Oil: Crushed iodine slightly visible in oil. Dramatic change in color; oil changed from clear into rich purple. Iodine and Alcohol: NO visible pieces Of Iodine present in solution.

Change Of color from clear to dark brown. Potassium Solution and Iodine: Immediate reaction between the two components. Mixture changed from clear to dark brown. Iodine smell noticed. Zinc and Water: No reaction observed. Zinc sinks to the bottom of test tube filled with water. Zinc and HCI: Interaction benzene Zinc and HCI caused the once clear HCI to become white in color. Visible bubble can be observed around the Zinc metal. Results 12 + H2O 12 t Alcohol 12 Min. Oil 12*Potassium Zen.

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H2O Zen HCI Soluble Slightly soluble Insoluble Trial Number Total (g) of Zen Total Water Displacement(ml) 10. 01 1. 9 20,02 30. 03 4004 Focus Questions I _ The appearance and solubility compares well with the information presented from the CRY Handbook. Our test results shows that Iodine is insoluble/slightly soluble in water, and soluble in alcohol, potassium, and glycerin just like the data from the handbook. As for Zinc, our recorded data shows that Zinc is insoluble in water, and soluble in acids Which also matches the data from the handbook. . The graphical shape of the graph obtained is linear, and the mathematical equation for that line is y = 7. Xx -2. 62. The slope, m = 7. 1 , shows us the density Of zinc and the space it occupies. Post Lab I a. The measured volume of zinc will be greater since the occupied space will also include trapped air molecules. B. Assuming that the volume would be greater, the measured density of the granules Will be smaller. AAA. The slope Of the line in the graph plotted signifies the density Of the Object measured.

Since the slope is calculated by dividing the change in y by the change n x, a simple manipulation of data such as making the y values hold the values of displacement and x values the mass Will yield the calculations of density which is mass divided by volume. B. My y-intercept is similar to the amount of water displaced. AD – 7. Gag of zinc occupies 1 ml in volume. 4. By flattening an object you create more surface area and thus increasing the volume tot space it can cover. A metal ship is able to float on water because of volume of water displaced. The buoyant force pushing upwards on the ship acts greater with greater volume.

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